Harvest Worship and Sharing

Date: 29th September 2016

By: Mr Payne

Category: British Values, Charity, Community, Healthy eating, Kindness, Partnership, RE, Reflection, SMSC, Teamwork, Whole school

Over the last couple of days our children have been taking part in our Harvest Worship services led by Reverend John in St. James’ church.  We reflected on the importance of sharing and supporting those who are less fortunate than ourselves and all brought gifts in the traditional way to offer to help those in the local community.  Year 6 leaders helped to organise the collection and display of the food and we sang the Harvest Calypso together.  One magical moment that underpins just why it is important that we go over to the church to Worship on occasions was when the new reception class were walking in and one young boy looked up to the ceiling as he walked through the door and dropped his jaw and just said ‘Woah!’  There’s nothing like a little awe and wonder to provide a memorable experience for growing minds…!

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