Date: 10th July 2017

By: Mr Payne

Category: Community, Parents, Safeguarding

We have been notified of three cases of confirmed measles living in the East Bournemouth area and have been asked to share the following information:

Measles is a highly infectious viral illness spread through coughing and sneezing and close personal contact.  Most people recover completely from measles, however, on rare occasions there can be serious complications.

The first stage of measles includes a runny nose, conjunctivitis (red eyes), a cough and an increasing fever that comes and goes. A rash appears on day 3 or 4 while the child is still feverish and miserable.

Anyone with suspected measles should be excluded from school or work until five days after the rash first appeared.

This is an opportunity to remind people that two doses of the MMR vaccine offer high protection against measles, provided the first dose is given after 12 months of age. Unless advised otherwise, parents should follow the recommended NHS vaccination schedule;

MMR is also beneficial if given within 72 hours of exposure to the virus.

If you believe that your child/ren have signs or symptoms of measles, please contact your GP to seek medical advice; please telephone the GP surgery before visiting.

Further information is available from NHS Choices:

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