Year 5 get Groovy learning about Ancient Greece

Date: 3rd November 2017

By: Mrs Dobson

Category: Art, Design, Drama, Healthy eating, History, Outdoor learning, Teamwork, Visitor, Year 5

This week, to get the children excited about our new topic ‘Groovy Greeks’ we had a visit from Mr Lindsey-Clark who retold a Greek myth in his indomitable style!  The children listened in wonder as he talked of beasts, heroes and travels.  This will certainly set us up well for when we read a variety of myths and then move on to writing our own.

The children entered their Greek amphitheater through curtained doors ready for a day of excitement.  They were certainly dressed for it in a fantastic array of costumes (thank you parents!)

We began our day by making a Greek head wreath to help them get into character.  They then worked in groups named after ancient Greek cities; Troy, Sparta, Athens, Corinth and Argos, making a banner and logo to represent their teams in our very own St James’ Olympics.

As a link to our work in English the children watched Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief.  They were enthralled, particularly when Medussa lost her head!

After lunch we were ready for the games.  Our teams paraded round the playground, cheering support for their city.  A competitive javelin contest followed, won by Argos – congratulations!  The teachers effort was not a patch on the children’s.

After this exertion, a Greek banquet for 60 was waiting in the year 5 classroom.  The children were able to taste a variety of typical Greek food including; figs, feta cheese, pitta bread, greek yoghurt and olives.  It was lovely to see the children politely serving each other and sharing the available food.

A great day was had by all – bring on the Groovy Greeks!


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