Ahoy me Hearties!

Date: 20th April 2018

By: Mrs Dobson

Category: Geography, Healthy eating, Outdoor learning, Questioning, Teamwork, Year 5

To kick start our new topic, Shipwrecked, year 5 returned to school and were faced with pirate codes to unscramble or else they were forced to walk the plank!

Their sea worthiness, ability to navigate a ship and follow commands from their captain were tested on the playground and they had to scrub the decks if they failed any of these commands!

They were handed their grub after their hard work on deck – exotic fruits from tropical islands – taste them or go hungry!  Many were shocked at the destinations these fruits had been sourced from and tried lots of new tastes and flavours.

Finally, they had to climb the rigging and quickly learn how to secure all knots to avoid being thrown in the brig!

Year 5 are now all initiated into the crews of Washington and Beijing.



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