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Year 3 have the force!

Date: 28th March 2019

By: Mrs Price

Category: Community, Creativity, Practical learning, Questioning, Reflection, Science, Teamwork, Visitor, Year 3

During Science week, Year 3 learnt about magnets and forces. To begin the week, Year 3 investigated how magnets work, the strength of magnets and the capabilities of different magnets. After some exploring, Year 3 discovered that magnets have poles which attract and repel and most were able to describe scientifically how this works.

On Wednesday afternoon, the children were fortunate enough to visit Avonbourne school to take part in a Science lesson. Year 3 were thrilled to have a secondary school experience and really enjoyed experimenting in a real Science lab.

Throughout the remainder of the week, we learnt about different forces including gravity, friction and air resistance. The children experimented to see if they could slow the effects of gravity by creating a parachute for a lego person so that he wouldn’t crash land to the ground. Year 3 also tested the effect of friction acting on a toy car rolling down different surfaces.


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