Beach Trip!

Date: 13th September 2019

By: Miss Martin

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On Tuesday we were all lucky enough to squeeze in one more beach trip while the sun was shining to help us learn about our new topic outdoors and see some of the things we have been talking about for ourselves.

Year 5 spent the morning doing a range of activities.

  • We asked the public different questions about the environment. One of our questions was ‘How many times do you use your car in a day?’. The public were impressed by how thoughtful our questions were and how it made them really think about how they get about each day and what they do for the environment.
  • We scoured the beach and took a tally of all the litter we could see to see what was the most littered item.
  • We took a moment to sit on the beach and think about what a wonderful world we live in. Focusing on what we could see, hear, smell, touch and taste (tasting the air!) and really taking in and having a calm moment.
  • We created some beach art using all the materials on the beach like shells and stones, thinking about how everything has another use.
  • We then created our own rules for the beach and how we would make the beach more eco-friendly.

We had a fantastic time and did some priceless hands on learning which was loved by all!


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