Animals ( and Reception) Take Over the World!

What a brilliant Week we had recently in Reception! The children have been working incredibly hard to create all sorts of wild and wonderful models and habitats for different animals while finding out about all sorts of amazing creatures that live on our planet.  

 We discovered that, not only do we have so many creative children in Reception but we also have some pretty amazing poets too! We challenged the children to create their own acrostic poem about their favourite animal and boy did they rise to the challenge. Not only that, take a look at their beautiful presentation and handwriting too 




Lots of the children enjoyed getting outside in the fresh air to go on a bug hunt! Which lead to many of them asking lots of inquisitive questions and wanting to find out more about some of the tiniest creatures we share our planet with.  

In our weekly Teams Meeting, we enjoyed completing a scavenger hunt! The children were challenged to hunt for all sorts of objects around their home, such as something beginning with the letter ‘a’ to finding a toilet roll! We also learnt that Miss Woodvine was very good at balancing a toilet roll on her head! This really is one of our  favourite times of the week… seeing your smiles, hearing your voices and having lots of fun together 

We couldn’t be prouder of the smallest members of our St James’ family! Go Seals and Dolphins … you really are all kinds of amazing! 



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