Brilliant Biographies!

Date: 25th February 2021

By: Miss Martin

Category: English, Geography, Home Learning, Year 6

Over the course of last term, Year 6 immersed themselves in travel writing as part of their project about the Galapagos Islands.  This included writing a travel brochure, leaving reviews, creating adverts and even imagining holiday nightmares!

A real highlight, however, came when the children studied biography writing.  After finding the features of biographical texts, hey were tasked with researching one famous explorer from the following list:

Charles Darwin
Neil Armstrong
Christopher Colombus
Mae C. Jemison
Sir David Attenborough
Rosalind Franklin

The children completed some excellent research and also created a timeline for their explorer’s life.  We then spent two weeks writing our biographies, honing in on a different focus and skill set each day.  This included writing effective and informative introductions, using time adverbials for their early life, writing detailed main sections and then assessing their traveller’s legacy.  Following on from this, they then edited their brilliant work.

Miss Martin and Mr Slattery were so impressed with the quality of their writing that they decided the final day of half term would be a publishing day, where the children could combine all of their learning from the past fortnight and put it all together to make completed biographies.  These were simply outstanding; a testament to the hard work that had gone into this particular unit.  Below are examples of the completed, edited and published biographies for you to enjoy!

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