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Who will host the next Euros?

This week, in the virtual school we have been thinking about Euro 2020 and how football should be coming home (once again)! The...

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That’s One Small Step For Man!

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s the International Space Station! What a superb evening we had stargazing at King’s...

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3, 2 , 1! Main engine start!

And blast off! What a start to the new year. Year 5 spent the day at St. James’ Astronaut Training Camp and learnt...

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A Puzzling Half Term

It’s been a puzzle to us all – these cubes sprang out of nowhere and took over the school….! A whole new and...

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How do you make a cereal box?

Year 5 have been investigating 3D shapes and their properties. We turned the flat nets of shapes into 3D shapes by folding them...

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Pollution Solution!

What a fantastic way to finish off our whole school project ‘St. James’ Saves the World!’ Year 5 created board games to show...

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