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Events: Paris class worship

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Date: 03/05/2018   Time:08:50 to 09:30

Category: Year 3

Paris class will be leading the whole school in worship, and parents/carers/grandparents of those children involved are invited to come along and join in our celebration! Please queue outside the back hall doors after drop off and we will open up shortly after 8.45am. Worship is due to start at about 8.55am and will last for approximately 30 minutes, followed by a short opportunity to congratulate the children afterwards, tell them you love them, have a cuddle and all the other stuff we do when we’re full of pride!
It is a squash and a squeeze to fit everyone into the hall for these worships, so please bear with us while we all find a place. As always, please do not take pictures or video during the worship, there will be an opportunity to snap memories once we have finished our reflections.
Finally, please do not talk while the children are coming in or leaving the hall – we ask the children to come in in silence to aid their reflection and preparation for Worship and adults talking ‘spills over’ onto the children and they then think it is OK to start having a natter themselves… it’s all a bit complicated, isn’t it!