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Parent and Staff Association (PSA)

About the Parents and Staff Association (PSA!)

Welcome to PSA, the Parents and Staff Association.  We hope this gives you more information about who we are and what we do.

What is PSA?

Do you keep hearing people talking about the PSA? Wondering what it is?  It is simply a collective name which stands for Parents and Staff Association. PSA is what is often called a PTA or Parent-Teacher Association. These are groups of parents, carers, and other friends of the school who work together with teachers and other staff to support their work for the school in a number of different ways; including providing those additional things that enrich children’s experiences at school but which cannot be covered by the school’s budget. We do this through fundraising, organising events for adults and/or children to socialise and have fun!

Who is PSA? – You are!

Everyone who is part of the school community is automatically a member of PSA. So all parents and carers belong to PSA are welcome at all meetings, the AGM and our events.  We welcome all parents and staff members (men and women from every year) are encouraged to join the PSA Committee to ensure we achieve a good representation across the school.
We ask for parents and staff to attend our meetings (either as committee members or guests) which are held on average once each half term.  The purpose of these meetings is to develop ideas and plan fundraising events for the parents, staff and children of our School. It is also at these meetings that we agree how best to use the funds we raise.
If you would like to support your PSA and get more involved do come along to our next PSA meeting.

As a group with charitable status, we have a Chair, Secretary and Treasurer, each with specific roles:
Chair – Kerry Smith

Vice Chair – Rebecca Weigh
Secretary – Victoria Leamon

Helpers Co-ordinator – Rachel Preston
Treasurer – Michelle Crawford-Ellis
When we meet and how to get involved.

Meetings take place a couple of times per term to discuss events for the coming months. Parents or carers of a child at St James’ are automatically members of PSA.  Everybody is welcome, please come along and say ‘hello’.  We can offer you tea, coffee and maybe even biscuits!  If you can’t make meetings but would like to help out at school events please e mail Victoria to be added to the ‘helpers list’.
To contact PSA committee please email us stjamesbookings@gmail.com or leave a note for us via the school office.
Being involved with PSA is a great way to get to know other parents at the school and feel part of the school community – as well as making a real contribution to school-life for our children.

What do we do?

PSA activities usually include the September Activity evening, Film nights, Christmas craft, Pantomime for the children, Christmas Parties, Winter wonderland, Discos, Easter raffle, May Fair, provide Refreshments, Pamper Evening, Table top sale, Ice Cream sales, Cake sales, organise Summer Picnic to welcome new families and social events for adults and for children.

Fundraising is a vital part of our role. The PSA organise events to raise valuable funds for our school and fun activities such as film clubs, discos, craft sessions, Easter Egg raffle and Christmas parties for the children’s enjoyment.  Funds that we have raised over the last 3 years have contributed to the exciting play equipment for the front playground.  We have bought a gymnastics trampette, a new urn, visualizers, a Christmas gift for every child, funded a pantomime for the whole school.

If you have any ideas about social events or fundraising activities all suggestions are very welcome.  Or if you would simply like to contact us please complete the form below.