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Academy Council


img_0296Our academy council is made up of individual children from across the school who have been voted into their positions by their peers.  They hold a weight of responsibility in this post, tasked with representing the views of their peer group, reporting back to them on issues that the council is currently concerned with and working well with other children of all ages from across our community.  At the moment, among other things, the children are looking at how we organise playtimes and what more we can do to make this a more effective part of the day.  Our academy council is supervised by Miss Tummon, our pupil voice leader.

New playground:

The Academy Council are proud to announce that the new playground organisation is up and running smoothly alongside the help of our lunchtime supervisors and our play leaders. Since we have introduced the equipment on the playground we have noticed:

  • More children engaged in meaningful and active play
  • Children engaged with adults in play
  • More teamwork
  • Excellent sportsmanship
  • Less friendship issues
  • Less accidents and injuries

The Academy Council, alongside the play leaders, have reviewed the new playground scheme and made several changes including:

Moving the scoops an hoops area

Changing the role of the play leader running obstacle course

Changing how equipment is used and managed around the playground

Playground Layout child version ammended

Play leader vacancies:

Due to the success of our playground scheme we are now able to recruit some more play leaders to join our lunchtime team. Please see the following notice if you wish to apply and be considered for this fantastic opportunity.

Play leader role application

Eco – warriors:

Keep an eye out for exciting eco-warrior news coming soon!