Week Beginning 17th January 2022

We had an enjoyable local area walk this week. The children identified lots of local landmarks in the roads surrounding our school. Next week, we will begin to focus on countries from around the world. The country in focus will be Australia.

Please find below the links to our topic overview and home learning for this term:

Curriculum Overview Term 3

Home Learning Term 3


We will be writing descriptive sentences about Australian animals.


In Phonics, the children will be learning a new set of sounds. These will be the digraphs ai and ee.


We will focus on weight and capacity this week. The children will make human balance scales when looking at weight and we will use water and rice when looking at capacity.

General Information

Awards Worship

During Awards Worship on Fridays, we like to share children’s achievements. If your child has a swimming certificate or something from Rainbows/Cubs etc. they can bring this in to share with the class.

If your child receives the class cup, please bring this back on Wednesday of the following week.


We will change your child’s book every Monday and also when we read with your child during the week. Please make sure that your child has their reading book in their book bag on Monday; there have been occasions where we haven’t been able to change books for children.


With the weather being so changeable, please ensure that your child has a waterproof coat in their bag every day.


Some of your children may have come home telling you about their balloons. Each child has a coloured balloon  and they can gain stamps on their balloon for making the right choices. When they have gained 10 stamps on their balloons, they will take home an actual balloon. Ways to gain a stamp could be sitting sensibly on the carpet, tidying well, helping a friend, being polite etc.

Scooter and Bike Donations

We are on the look out for extra bikes and scooters. If you have any old but useable equipment please let us know.

Have a great weekend!

The EYFS Team

Rhymes and Actions for teaching phonics in taught order