Information for Monday 6th July
It was great seeing Red Bubble today on teams. Next week, we will be playing Battleships. If you are at home, we will send a grid in the email on Monday that you can use.
Thank you for all the children stories this week. We will continue to use them next week during Snack time.
Here are the challenges for the week ahead:

This is me – Whole School Task (Weekly English Task)

This week’s task is all about YOU! We would love to find out more about you and your family history and today is just the very beginning!

Firstly, watch the video on the school website and Facebook page to find out some things you might not have known about your teachers…

Now, it’s your turn! We would love you to make a presentation today that is all about you!

You could:

  • Paint or draw a self portrait
  • Design a poster all about you 
  • Write about your likes and dislikes – what’s your favourite food? Your favourite film or toy? Your favourite place?
  • Make a video presentation all about you – you could show off your best talent or take us on a tour of your favourite parts of your house

Every year, at the end of Year 6, the Year 6 pupils make a huge poster called ‘My Life so Far’ made of photos and stories of all the things that have happened to them since being born 11 years before. We hang them in the hall and have so much fun seeing how much we have all grown and, although we can’t do quite the same thing, we thought some of you might like to spend some time this week making one of your own.

You could include:

  • Photos of you as a baby and through your life so far
  • Your best moments in your life so far
  • Your favourite holiday
  • Your biggest achievement
  • Your brothers and sisters and other family members

Here is an example from Mrs Dodd’s twin sons, who did this very task when they left St James’ 7 years ago, alongside some other examples from years gone by.

It would be great if you could upload these to your class’ SharePoint folder so we can all share and enjoy each other’s work, much like we would be doing with Year 6 if we were all at school!

Tapestry Challenge Monday 6th July – Guess the baby photo!

For a bit of fun today, we have collected a baby photo from some of the teachers and TAs at our school. Have a go at working with your families to see if you can match each baby photo to the correct teacher or TA. The answers are on the slide after each photo so you can see if you were right. The powerpoint is attached below.

Guess the Baby

Weekly Maths Task – Capacity 

LI- to use everyday language to talk about capacity and compare quantities.  

Step one- Watch and listen to the song ‘There’s a Hole in my Bucket Dear Liza’. 

Step two- Watch the video about capacity 

Step Three- All complete the task below.  

 (A)Provide your child with a container. Ask them to make their container full, make it empty, nearly full, nearly empty, about half full. Can they find a container which holds more than their container? Can they find one which holds less? 


(B)Provide a selection of containers and ask your child to investigate which holds the most. They may do this by pouring from one container directly to another. They could use a small cup to fill each container, counting how many small cup –fulls the containers hold. Encourage them to record their results using their own methods of recording.  


(C)Next compare how many cubes or Lego pieces each container will hold.  

(D) Provide sets of similar containers in different sizes such as sets of nesting bowls or boxes. Encourage your child to order them and see how many loose parts such as cubes or Lego pieces they will hold. Again, encourage them to record their results using their own methods of recording.  


Challenge- complete the capacity countdown game on ICT Games 


 You may wish to complete one or more of these challenges too 


Mental Maths Challenge Monday 6th July  

Play paint the squares on topmarks. The adult calls out a number and the child has to paint the number. Paint different patterns of numbers, paint one less than/one more than etc.

Phonics Challenge Monday 6th July – Sound Buttons

Put a button on for each sound. These need to be pre-written for children – or they can copy them. Then they put sound buttons on and sound out each sound/phoneme in the word. Then blend to read. A big reason for putting sound buttons on words is to ensure children have seen digraphs before they start to read the word. 


Reviewing ch, sh, th, ng, qu – Learning to Blend Lesson 25 

Sound button words: 

chips, hush, mush, thin, moth, bang, quip 


ai, ee, igh – Reception Lesson 16  

 Sound button words:  

pain, stain, grain, meet, greet, high, right. 


We have missed some videos out as there is a lot of repetition which we feel the children might not need. However if you feel your child needs more practice just follow the videos by consecutive number.  You could go back to earlier ones too.  

Longer Words – Reception Lesson 38 

Sound button words: 

Zigzag, liquid, tonight, boatman, orchard 

Can you write a sentence with one of these words? You can use the word wall words too.  


Thank you everybody for your continued support with learning!

Mr Parsons, Mrs Allery and Mrs Jacobs


General Information

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