Update for Week beginning : 19.11.18


We will be continuing to learn our sounds and this week we will be learning learning y, z, zz, qu. Learning more sounds also means we will be able to make and read more words so we will be busy reading and making cvc words. We have also been busy practising how to write our sounds with our lead in lines. In can be tricky to start with but the children are trying so hard to always remember to start on the line and go round the right way! We will also be learning three ‘tricky words’ this week (words that can’t be sounded out and we just have to know). The two tricky words we will be learning are ‘me’ and ‘we’


This week we will be learning all about problem solving and addition. We will be focussing on adding one more in practical problem solving situations. We will also be focussing on counting backwards from 20.


This week we will finish off our topic on WW1 and spend some time looking at different countries from around the world. We would love to know if any of the children have visited a country abroad. It would be great to know what language that country speaks, what food is eaten, what the temperature is like etc. The children could display this in anyway they like, maybe make a poster or bringing in photos.

Have a great weekend,

The Reception team

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