Week Beginning 27th September 2021

The first full week is over! The children will be exhausted but hopefully they are full of lovely stories from the week. We hope that all the children have a big rest over the weekend ready for learning again next week.

Topic Overview – All About Me

Please the see the topic overview for this term as well as the home learning in the related learning section of our year group page.

Next week, we will begin our new topic ‘All About Me’. In English, the children will be listening to ‘The Colour Monster’ by Anna Llenas. This book focuses on emotions and feelings. It is a great book to help children explore how they are feeling.

In Maths, we will be matching objects and patterns. Please practice at home counting forward in 1’s from any number, within 20.

In Phonics, the next set of sounds that we will be learning are i, n and m.

General Information


Some of your children may have come home telling you about their balloons. Each child has a coloured balloon (currently red) and they can gain stamps on their balloon for making the right choices. When they have gained 10 stamps on their balloons, they will take home an actual balloon. Ways to gain a stamp could be sitting sensibly on the carpet, tidying well, helping a friend, being polite etc.


A reminder that if your child is having a packed lunch, please ensure that it includes healthy items of food. Please cut up any grapes and make sure the lunch does not include any nuts.

EYFS Parent Meeting

The EYFS parent meeting will be on Tuesday (28th September) at 4pm. At this meeting, we will share curriculum information as well as useful things to know. Mr Payne will share the zoom link in his chronicles over the weekend.

Have a lovely weekend!

The EYFS Team