Update for Week beginning : 27.3.17

English and Maths information:

In English this week we have shared the story of Easter. We visited the Church and have been writing a recount about what we saw and learnt.

We continue to work on key words so please focus on these at home when reading or at other times. The children should know I, the, and, can, is, in, it, he, she, had, we, me, be, was, my, you, they, all, are. The children should now also be able to spell the, to, I, no, go, he, be, we.

In Maths this week we have been looking at making tally charts and reading graphs.

Other curriculum news:

The children very much enjoyed the Fairytale Ball on Friday, it was lovely to see all their costumes. We decorated biscuits and made crowns and in the afternoon we enjoyed a golden feast and some royal dancing.

General Information:

Reception Parents Evening will take place next Wednesday and Thursday after school. The booking process will be online and this will be open from this evening. If you have any problems with this please speak to staff in the office.

We still have a number of un-named items in lost property but we also have been told by a number of parents that they have lost named jumpers. Please can you all check that the jumper your child is wearing is their own and that it is named. We have been trying to encourage the children to be independent and take responsibility for their own belongings and would welcome your support with this issue.

Each week you are sent the observations from the 2Simple programme that we use. I believe it comes from 2Engage Parents. A number of parents have been able to send us observations back and we would continue to encourage this. We would love to see what the children get up to at the weekend!

Thank you for your ongoing support

Reception Team

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