Week Beginning 28th November 2022

We have started learning our Nativity this week and will continue to practice next week in preparation for the performances on Tuesday 6th December at 2pm and 6pm. At the beginning of next week, you will receive information about tickets for the Nativity.

Curriculum Information

In Maths, we will be learning about one more and one less within 10. The children will use concrete and pictorial resources to help support their learning.

In Writing, the children will be writing letters to Father Christmas. We will be visiting the post office in a couple of weeks to post the letters.

In Phonics, we will continue Level 3 sounds. Next week, we will learn ‘y’, ‘z’, ‘zz’ and ‘ch’.

Below are the parent information sheets for this weeks learning:

Level 3 j Parent Information Sheet

Level 3 v Parent Information Sheet

Level 3 w Parent Information Sheet

Level 3 x Parent Information Sheet

Below are some useful resources to help with Phonics and reading:

Level 2-and-3-letter-formation


Year R 1-4 masters

Twinkl Go

You now have access to Twinkl Go at home to help support your child’s learning. Each week we will be adding Phonics games and reading activities to supplement what we do at school. To access Twinkl Go, search for Twinkl Go on Google. Once on the website, enter the pin AP9265.

Reading Sketchbooks

Each week we will be sending home a class reading sketchbook to one child. We have filled out the first page about our favourite book and have shared a few things about what we loved about the book. When you receive the sketchbook, we would love for your child to share what they love about the book they have chosen. They could draw, write or add anything they wish to their page. We cannot wait to see what you love reading at home and why you love reading it.


Every Thursday, is our library session. This week, the children have taken out their first library book. Please could ensure that this library book is in your child’s book bag each Thursday, so that they can change the book.

In Phonics this week, we have been revisiting all the Level 2 sounds so therefore there are no parent information sheets.

Curriculum Information

Next week, in Phonics, the children will begin learning the Level 3 sounds. We will focus on j, v, w and x.

In Maths, the children will focus on one more and one less through contrete and pictorial representations.

We will be inviting local elderly residents from a local residential home to watch our Nativity Rehearsal. As part of this, we will be writing invites over the week to send off to the residents.

Gruffalo is our focus topic book and we will also be looking at different Julia Donaldson books through our whole class reading.

The Gruffalo - Wikipedia

Below, you can find our topic plans and home learning for Term 2:

Curriculum Overview Term 2

Homework Term 2

General Information


The link below shows the top 50 books for children in Reception. We will be looking at all of these books over the year and it is a great list for you to refer to when choosing picture books for your children at home. These books will be available at your local library too!


The Everywhere Bear

Today, the Everywhere Bear went home with a child from Ducklings and Tadpoles. The bear will live with you for a weekend and can go on adventures with your child. Please take photos and upload these to Tapestry for your child to share with the class the following week. Please bring the Everywhere Bear back to school on Monday.


We are happy for you to bring sweets or cakes for your child to give out at the end of the day. As a school, we are not able to hand them out but your child can wait at the door with you to hand out the treats. Please ensure that the treats do not contain any nuts.

Thank you all for your continued support!

Enjoy your weekend!

The EYFS Team