Year 1

Update W/B : 20th January 2020

Project this term – Exciting Explorers!

English and Maths information:


This week in English we will be starting a new focus on poetry, looking at rhyming patterns and figurative language. We will be developing our comprehension skills by discussing the possible meanings behind the poems and finally we will be writing and performing our own adventure poems.


In Maths we will continue to look at fractions, recognising fractions of a shape and an amount. For example, can the children colour half of a square and can they find what half of 16 is.

MyMaths – MyMaths log in details were sent home on 30th September and you will find tasks related to your child’s Maths learning once you log on. If you have any difficulties with logging in, please come and speak to us as soon as possible. MyMaths is a fantastic tool to consolidate your child’s understanding of the Maths work we have completed in school.

A number of you spoke to us at parents evening about MyMaths. MyMaths in year 1, although very helpful, can be difficult for a number of reasons. Sometimes the children can not access the questions due to their reading level and sometimes the questions involve counting in 3’s which is not something we tend to cover in Year 1, especially not at this point in the year. Higher up the school MyMaths is a fantastic tool but in Year 1 please do not place to much stress on this method of learning. If your child enjoys MyMaths and you are happy to support then by all means continue as you are. On the other hand if it is becoming hard to fit in and difficult to manage then please do not worry. Children who do not complete the activities do not have to attend a lunchtime club to catch up. It is purely there as a means to consolidate what is being learnt but if you are practising maths in others way then this is fantastic!


In phonics this week we will be looking at alternative sounds for ‘g’, ‘ow’ , ‘ie’ and ‘ea’ for example bag and stage, cow and blow, tie and field and eat and bread.

General Information:

Forerunner – As you may be aware from January the system is changing for hot lunches. The meals are still free but you will now have to order meals online. Historically all children were ordered a main meal and you were only required to order if you wished to change to vegetarian or jacket potato. Please ensure you are up to date on these changes and speak to the Office if you require any assistance.

On a Friday we have our Awards Worship and children are encouraged to bring in any achievements so if they have swimming certificates, recognition of effort from tennis or badges from Beavers then please send them in so they can be celebrated.

Word Walls

A new initiative has been implemented by Mrs Dodd, English lead and Mrs Jacobs, Reading lead, to build a solid foundation for the children at St James’ and their reading of high frequency words, also known as sight words. We have sent out the sets of words starting from those that are Reception sight words. This is purely for us to ensure that the children have this solid foundation before moving on to the Year 1 words. Once the children are fluent in reading these words, they will be tested in school and will receive a certificate that will be awarded in Awards Worship on a Friday. They will then be sent home their new word wall. Thank you in advance for supporting your child in their reading development.

PE days

For Spring 1 we will have PE on a Tuesday.

Library day

Friday afternoon

Please note that children cannot take out a new book from the library until their previous book has been returned.

Class Worship dates

Turtle class- Thursday 13th February 2020 at 8:50am

Otter class- Thursday 12th March 2020 at 8:50am

Best wishes,

Year 1 Team

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