Year 1

Virtual school!

Tuesday 7th July 2020

This week’s project is called – This is Me!’  

Today’s 9am video release – Mrs Dodd’s Sign and Sing! 


This week we are focusing all about you and today we would like you to think about your family.  

Every family is different, but something that is the same for lots of families is the love you have for one another.  

“Whoever we are and whatever we do, our families hold us together like glue, whenever we need them, they’ll come when we call, they’re ready to catch us, if ever we fall” is a line from ‘We Are Family’ written by Patricia Hegarty. I think that sums up my family rather well, I wonder if you can think of three words that sum up your family? You might even want to write it in the same style as Patricia Hegarty.  

Task 1 

Write a list of all the reasons why you love your family! You can draw a picture of your family and then underneath write the list of reasons with an explanation of why you love them.  

For example:  

I love my Nannie because she is so kind and makes me laugh when I am feeling sad. We go for walks along the beach, picnics in the forest and she makes the most delicious chocolate cake! 


Task 2  

Can you turn a family member into a superhero? Can you draw your chosen family member as a superhero and then describe their awesome super powers? My mum has a special talent of making everything seem better so I would turn my mum into a ‘Super Mum!’ or maybe your brother, sister, cousin play the best games with you so they can become ‘Super Sibling’! Their special powers could even be flying, turning invisible or super speeds- it is up to you 



As I said yesterday, you have worked really hard in Maths this year and we have covered all the curriculum objectives that we need to for Year 1! Yay! For the remaining few weeks of term I will be setting lots of consolidation activities and other learning tasks that will support other areas of your development in maths such as fluency and problem solving.  

However, it may be that you know there is a particular area you want to spend a little more time on and I have included the Year 1 non-negotiables below so you can see what you should be able to do by the end of Year 1. There is also a number of online resources listed below that you may wish to use if you are revisiting particular concepts. This list is also available on the Year 1 website page under ‘Key websites’.  


Year 1 – Maths non-negotiables 
Find ‘1 more’ and ‘1 less’ than a given number up to 100 

Partition a two-digit number into 10s and 1s using concrete resources 

Know number bonds to 20 

Count forwards and backwards in 1s starting from any number to 100 

Count in 2s 

Count in 5s 

Count in 10s 

Basic vocabulary for all 4 operations: tens, ones/units, add, plus, more, altogether, sum, total, take-away, minus, subtract, less, groups of, lots of, shared by, equals 

Independently use concrete manipulatives to solve associated problems 

Recognise, find and name ½ and ¼ of an object, shape and quantity 

Tell the time to the hour and half past  

Recognise the value of all coins 


Key websites; 

BBC Bitesize – 

The Oak National Academy – 

White Rose Maths – 

I will include the above information on every daily email up until the end of term and will then set a task below.  

Today’s Learning task; 

Today we are going to look at comparing numbers and using the language of greater than and less than. We have covered this in the classroom previously and you may remember us using the hungry crocodile to help us remember. The crocodile is so hungry he always has to eat the biggest number. His huge, open mouth therefore points towards the biggest number. For example if you had the number 17 and 24 it would be written like this; 17 < 24. 

If you follow this link there is a video for you to watch to remind you of this learning; 

Once selecting this link you will need to find the lesson to view the video. The lesson can be found following; Summer Term – Week 9 (w/c 22nd June) – Lesson 3 – Comparing Numbers.  

Attached is a document with a number of questions to support you in consolidating this learning. 

 Tuesday – Comparing numbers

Foundation subject – History  

Wouldn’t it be fascinating to find out more about your own family history? Have you ever seen photographs of your Mummy and Daddy as children? Can you speak to your Grandparents and ask them about what life was like when they were children or about their parents? Maybe they liked to play the same games as you do now!  

A family tree is something that people use to find out about their own family’s history. Can you create your own family tree? You can draw it or even use real photographs of your familybut you might want to create it on the computer or even just discuss it with your family.  

We have attached a PowerPoint that you can look through to understand how family trees work and test your knowledge on family vocabulary.  



Don’t forget that the word walls can be found below, if you would like to keep working through them.

KS1 Word Wall 1

KS1 Word Wall 2

KS1 Word Wall 3

KS1 Word Wall 4

KS1 Word Wall 5

KS1 Word Wall 6

KS1 Word Wall 7

KS1 Word Wall 8


Best wishes

The Year 1 Team

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