Year 1

Update W/B : Half term week!

English and Maths information:


The children have recently written a number of recounts, covering the Royal Wedding and also a very special visitor that we had in school. The children were so welcoming when Paddy and his mum Gemma came to visit.

When we come back after half term we will be looking at poetry. Over half term please could the children learn a poem that they could recite in front of the class? We will be doing this on Thursday 14th June.

We also have the Year 1 phonics screening coming up. This takes place the week beginning 11th June. Over half term if you can continue to read with your children and undertake any phonics activities then this will significantly benefit them. From work we have undertaken this week we have identified that there a few sounds in particular that the children still get a little stuck on. These are;

ue as in due, oi as in boil, aw as in paw, ur as in fur and just recognising when there is a split diagraph in a word.


By the end of Year 1 the children need to be able to count in 2’s to 20, 5’s to 50 and 10’s to 100 and tell and record the time to the hour and half past the hour. Please look at these areas with your child.

The MyMaths home learning for this half term is due to be completed by June 1st. The learning is linked to the areas we are covering within school so will support your child in their learning.

Other curriculum news:

After half term we will be starting our new project, Beside the Seaside. This will have a history and art focus, looking at Bournemouth in the Victorian times. We will be visiting the beach on Friday 13th July.

General Information:

Year 1 visit the school library every Friday. Please ensure any books borrowed are brought back on a Friday so that the children are able to exchange them for a new and exciting read!! We have noticed that not many children are bringing books back to swap. We are really trying to utilise our brand new library so your support and encouragement would be appreciated.

Thank you,

Year 1 Team

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