Year 1

Week beginning 27th June 2022

What a fantastic week we had! We attended circus school, took part in a Zumba class, had an informative talk from the RNLI about water safety and completed the week with a fantastic sports day!

Note: Often on a Monday, the fruit that KS1 is provided with for snack time does not arrive until later in the day. Please could you provide your child with a snack on Mondays just in case we are unable to provide one.

We are looking forward to our beach trip on Thursday 14th July. If you are able to help at all, please let the office or a member of the Year 1 team know.

Otters parents and carers. Mrs Finnigan has asked us if you could complete a survey about exercise from the Youth Sports Trust. There are two to complete, one for you to do with your child and one for you as their parents/carers. For every survey that is completed, the school will receive money to spend on sports equipment. Many thanks for your support.

Children survey –

Parent survey –

A letter can be found with more information here A2-Y1-2-parent-letter-2021-22

With the lovely weather we have been having, please ensure your child has suncream on, a hat and a water bottle. Water bottles are filled up during the day meaning that they may sometimes come home with a full bottle. Please make sure hats are named. Please don’t send in sunglasses.

Note – it has been reported that nits are surfacing in Year 1. Please can you check your child’s hair.

Worship Theme of the Week:

Relationship with the World

St James the Apostle 25th July

Key Information:

Every other Wednesday is not a PE day, we have a PE lesson during the day, and for consistency, the children come in their PE kit, but it is a normal day other than that.


Please can we ask you to fill out your child’s reading journal every time you read with them at home.  The children enjoy earning raffle tickets to go in our weekly “draw” which they earn by reading to an adult at home. An adult in school reads with your child every week and will change their book if they have completed it. I know there have been a few occasions this week where books have not been changed since we have been back because they have not been finished. Alongside this, please can your child come to school everyday with their bookbag, the Rocket Phonics books we send home are very expensive and if you forget to bring it in, we cannot send another home. Thank you for your support with your children’s reading.

With the varied weather recently, it is really important that everyone brings a coat to school, and we would really appreciate your support in helping your child to practise doing their zip/buttons up independently.

If you are unfortunately self-isolating at home, we hope you feel better soon. All of the week’s learning can be accessed on Teams. Thankfully, we are able to mark whole classes present on the register so it looks like we are getting back to “normal” after the pandemic.

Please come to school every Wednesday in PE kit.

Project: Shiver Me Timbers!

Curriculum news:


In English, we are looking are completing reading comprehensions and answering questions to check our understanding of what we have read.


Our Maths learning this week will involve recognising coins and counting money.


We will be doing weekly written reading comprehensions and focusing on looking carefully at the text to find accurate answers. Our text is The Snail and the Whale by Julia Donaldson.


The phonemes we are looking at this week are a recap of phase 5 sounds and recognising them in words and using them to help us spell them. It would be helpful to encourage your child to find digraphs (2 letters which make one sound e.g ai, oa, ue) whilst reading to you at home. We have recently reorganised our phonics groups across the year group to target specific needs with their phonemes. We will be focusing on split digraphs this week ie: i-e, o-e, a-e, u-e, e-e

Rhymes and Actions for teaching phonics in order


This half term, our focus in RE is creation stories and the key question, What do Hindus believe about Creation?


Please complete at least three tasks. Once completed, please ensure they are named and bring them in to share with the class.

My Maths – Homework has now been set on MyMaths. There will be two tasks set fortnightly to complete. We have stuck the password at the front of your child’s reading record. If you have any problems logging in then please speak to one of the adults at the end of the day.


Below is our handwriting formation sheet that we use in Year 1. Each letter starts with a lead in which is represented by the grey dot. It would be great if you practise these at home using a variety of media such as: sand, chalk, crayons etc.



The additional home learning ideas that follow could be used to supplement learning in school… however, we certainly want to avoid anyone feeling overwhelmed (therefore these suggestions are totally optional):

Home learning:

Reading/ Phonics

If you are wondering how you can provide general support for your child at home, our advice is to hear them read as often as possible: discussing the pictures in the text; predicting what might happen next and recalling events from the story.

We also have an excellent link to some high quality texts that you may want to consider when choosing children’s books to read or buy!


By the end of Year 1, children are expected to:

  • count forwards and backwards in ones to 100
  • be able to count in 2s, 5s and 10s
  • find one more and one less than a given number up to 100
  • recognise the value of all coins
  • know number bonds (numbers that add together) to total 10 and 20.

These are excellent skills to be practising at home, although we stress that they will be covered over the course of the school year.


For general KS1 content that will support children in their learning across the curriculum, we recommend ‘Busy Things’ which can be accessed via the link below:


Best wishes,

Mr Thomas, Mrs Hurley and Miss Pain

The Year 1 Team

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