Year 1

Update W/B : 15/7/19

Wow! How can we be in our last week already? What a fantastic, fun-filled year we’ve had with your children! We’ve watched as they have taken on the challenges of Year 1, making us proud of every success and even prouder of those that have not come so easily but where they have shown great perseverance. They are certainly ready to spread their wings and move on to Year 2.

This week we will be undertaking some transition tasks to prepare the children for moving on in to Year 2. On Wednesday afternoon your child will meet their new teacher and spend the afternoon with them. They will return to their Year 1 classrooms before the end of the day and will be dismissed as normal.

English and Maths information:


Any work that you wish to undertake over the holiday is entirely optional but be sure any work will support your child in retaining what has been taught this year, putting them in a really strong position moving up to Year 2.

Consolidating the Phase 5 phonics and alternative sounds would be helpful. The PhonicsPlay website offers a section for parents that is free and the children love the games on here!

Reading regularly, any books of interest, writing sentences and revising the Year 1 spellings that can be found in the back of your child’s academy diary will also be helpful.

Important notice: As we are now at the end of the term, please could you return any school reading or school library books that you may have at home.

I have set a number of MyMaths tasks with the completion date being the end of August so please feel free to drop in and out of these as you see fit. Again they are there to support any consolidation you wish to undertake over the holidays and are by no means compulsory!

There are a number of maths ‘non negotiables’ that we work with in school. These are areas that children must have mastered before moving on to year 2 to enable them to hit the ground running and immediately begin their learning. It would be really helpful if you could work with your children, looking at where they are and what they might need to practise on. The main areas we would like you to focus on at the moment would be counting forward and backwards from 1 – 100 and counting in 2s, 5s and 10s. The next step would be to move on to learning their number bonds to 20 (17+3=20, 18+2=20 etc) and writing 1-20 in words.

Signpost to homework on MyMaths

I have set a number of tasks for the children to complete on the MyMaths portal. A letter with their log in details was sent home on Thursday 13th September. I have set a large number of tasks related to learning across Year 1 which I thought might be helpful for you to use across the summer, including in the holidays. These are by no means tasks that you have to complete I just wanted there to be a resource there if you wanted to check in. I have set the date for these tasks as the 31st August 2019.

It has been brought to our attention that we set the MyMaths learning for each half term but once we update the website each week the previous focus disappears. Therefore we will now list the focus below so that if you don’t complete it during that week you are able to revisit the areas you know that your child has been taught. We hope you find this helpful.

MyMaths coverage this half term;

Week 1 – Position and Direction

Week 2 – Time

Week 3 – Money

Week 4 – Money/ Measuring and comparing time

Week 5 – Halves, quarters and missing number problems

General Information:

As previously mentioned on this weekly newsletter, we have recently undertaken some assessments within school and this week we will be sending home your child’s papers. This is the first opportunity the children have had to independently complete a paper like this so the scores are not particularly high but this is not a cause for concern so please do not worry. We know your children, as do you, so will be aware of what they know and those areas they may need a little more support in.

We have had recent reports of headlice within the year group again. We just wanted to make you aware so that you can treat your child if they appear to be suffering.

Thank you for all your support throughout the year; attendance at parent’s evenings, information evenings and support on school trips, it wouldn’t be possible without your help, so thank you again!

Best wishes and we hope you all enjoy a really lovely, healthy and restful summer break.

Year 1 Team

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