Year 1

Update W/B : 20/5/19

English and Maths information:

In English this week we will be giving the children a stimulus and then asking them to write their reaction to this stimulus. Research has shown great benefit of doing this and since we have taught many skills this term it will be an opportunity for the children to show this off.

With the phonics screening quickly approaching any support you are able to offer at home in the way of reading, playing games on PhonicsPlay and flashcards would be very helpful and much appreciated. Particularly focusing on split digraphs, trigraphs and tricky diagraphs such as au, ou, ew, ir and the alternative ‘c’ sound that you find in words such as ‘ice’ and twice’. Your children should be able to explain to you what all these terms mean!

Spellings of the week – apologies this has dropped off for the last few weeks. The words of the week are;

be,  he,  me,  she,  three.

This week in maths we will be looking at position and direction. This will include the children not only following directions but also giving directions. The children will be using language such as half, quarter and three quarter for describing turns and movement.

There are a number of maths ‘non negotiables’ that we work with in school. These are areas that children must have mastered before moving on to year 2 to enable them to hit the ground running and immediately begin their learning. It would be really helpful if you could work with your children, looking at where they are and what they might need to practise on. The main areas we would like you to focus on at the moment would be counting forward and backwards from 1 – 100 and counting in 2s, 5s and 10s. The next step would be to move on to learning their number bonds to 20 (17+3=20, 18+2=20 etc) and writing 1-20 in words.

Signpost to homework on MyMaths

I have set a number of tasks for the children to complete on the MyMaths portal. A letter with their log in details was sent home on Thursday 13th September. This learning is to be completed over the course of this half term, you have until the 2nd  June 2019. The tasks that have been set link with some of the areas that we will be covering in school.

It has been brought to our attention that we set the MyMaths learning for each half term but once we update the website each week the previous focus disappears. Therefore we will now list the focus below so that if you don’t complete it during that week you are able to revisit the areas you know that your child has been taught. We hope you find this helpful.

MyMaths coverage this half term;

Week 1 – Place value

Week 2 – Addition and subtraction

Week 3 – Multiplication

Week 4 – Division

Week 5 – Position and Direction

General Information:

This week in school all the children have completed a template provided by the PSA for Father’s Day. These are being sent home today (Friday 17th May) and are due back, with payment if you wish to purchase by next Friday, 24th May.

For this half term Year 1 will be doing PE on a Monday and a Tuesday.

Best wishes,

Year 1 Team

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