Year 2

Information for Tuesday 7th July

We loved learning all about you yesterday. Thank you for sharing facts all about you! Today we will be thinking about our family history.

Next week’s theme: This is me

English task:

Choose from one of the following activities:

Choice 1: Think about a member of your family who inspires you. It could be someone who does a job that you think is amazing, someone who does nice things for you or someone who has achieved something great in their life.

Mrs Price has a very inspiring family member who has worked with Coronavirus patients throughout this entire pandemic. Her family member hasn’t caught the virus herself and has worked incredibly long hours to support the NHS. This is an inspiring person because she is very brave and determined to save as many lives as she can. Mrs Price wishes she was that brave!

Draw a picture of your inspiring family member and write at least four sentences about why they inspire you. Here are some questions to help you with your writing:

  • Who inspires you in your family?
  • What do they do that inspires you?
  • Would you like to be like them? Why or why not?

Choice 2:

Is there someone famous in your family history?

Mrs Price is related to the great Captain Scott who led two famous expeditions to the Antarctic. Robert Falcon Scott was born on the 6th of June 1868 and died whilst on his last expedition in 1912. Captain Scott began his career as a naval cadet and soon progressed to leading his own expeditions. His first adventure was successful where he explored further south in the Antarctic than anyone every had – he returned to Britain a hero. Unfortunately, his next expedition where he tried to reach the South Pole wasn’t so successful. He made it to the pole with his team to find that other explorers had got there first. Sadly, Captain Scott and his team died on the way back.

If you have someone famous in your family history, we would like you to research them to find out a bit more about what they did and why they are famous. Write down the information you find out about your famous family member. You can present the information any way you like. Here are some questions to help you with your research:

  • What is the name of your famous family member?
  • When were they born?
  • What are they famous for?
  • Find out one fascinating fact about them.


Maths task:

What an excellent start to the week with your Mental Maths Monday challenges! Here are the Mental Maths Monday Answers for you to have a go at marking your own learning.

We did a lot of work last week looking at some key maths skills such as number bonds and fact families. We are going to continue focusing on skills that directly link this week. Today we are going to explore inverse. Inverse means the opposite in effect or the reverse.

We have already looked at a form of inverse when we explored addition and subtraction fact families last Thursday. This is a really important mathematical way of working, particularly when we look at missing numbers.

Task 1: Watch the videos of Miss Green explaining what inverse means. The videos have been kept separately for you to easily recap a certain skill when you need to.

Task 2: Choose from one of the worksheet challenges:

  • Green challenge- Inverse– Focuses on addition and subtraction below 20 and multiplication and division facts in the 2- and 10-times table.
  • Orange challenge- Inverse– Focuses on addition and subtraction below 50 and multiplication and division facts in the 2-, 5- and 10-times table.
  • Red challenge- Inverse– Focuses on addition and subtraction below 50 and multiplication and division facts in the 2-, 5-, 3- and 10-times table. As an added challenge, you must also fill in the answers to the equations first. You got this!

Task 3: Work through the equations showing the inverse e.g.

If the question is ‘find the inverse of 14 – 6 = 8’ than my answer would be 8 + 6 = 14 and 6 + 8 = 14.

Answers will be attached to the email tomorrow for you to check your own learning!

History task:

Time to look a bit further into your family history. Today we would like you to create a family tree. A family tree shows how people are related to each other and how your family has grown over time. You can present this any way you would like to but there are some pictures below to give you some ideas and My family tree template that you may like to print off and fill in if you aren’t feeling that creative.

It is also up to you how far back into your family history you go. You might want to stop at your grandparents or you could go even further. Today could be a lovely opportunity to look at some old photo albums or even to phone your grandparents and find out more about their parents and grandparents. Feel free to make this task as simple or complex as you like.


On your family tree, write down the job that each person had for most of their life too. If you’re not sure what their job is or what they had to do, do some research to improve your understanding.

Exciting events:

Sign and Sing will be available for you to watch and join in with at 9 am Tuesday morning.

Have a wonderful day!

Mrs Price and Miss Green


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This week, Baby Price is the size of a romaine lettuce!

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