Year 2

Update for Week beginning : 19.3.18

Shark Class are excited to share their Class worship on Wednesday 21st March at 8.50 am. All parents are invited along to watch and we are looking forward to seeing you all there.

On Thursday 22nd March at 9.15 am we will be running a mile for Sports Relief around the Kings Park Athletics Stadium. All parents are welcome to come along to watch. We will also need 2 volunteers per class to help on the day. Please let us know as soon as possible if you are welcome to offer your time to help.

Maths and English Information:

In Maths we are re-capping 2D and 3D shapes.  The children should be able to describe the properties of different 2D and 3D shapes, as well as the difference between regular and irregular shapes. They need to be able to identify 2D shapes that are recognisable on a 3D shape. E.g. a circle is the face of a cylinder. We will also be identifying lines of symmetry in a vertical line on different shapes. As a greater depth challenge children should be able to describe similarities and differences between shapes.

In English we will be focusing on grammar, punctuation and spelling, in particular identifying the plural and singular version of different words and their spelling rules, adverbs, suffixes (-est, -ing, -er, ly) and possessive apostrophes. These skills will then be applied to a piece of independent writing.

Other curriculum news: 

This week in project the children will be carrying out experiments in science. The children will explore what a fair test means and discuss the different variables. They will then have the opportunity to write up the experiment including the prediction, equipment and method. We will also be measuring our bean plants to see how tall they’ve grown. The children will use their measuring skills taught in Maths and be accurate when reading the ruler and always remembering to start at 0 cm.

In Religious Education we will be considering the question ‘why is Easter important to Christians?’. we will be incorporating philosophy for children, a range of role play and drama activities, accompanied by a range of writing tasks.

Reading: Please can we remind children to bring in their home/school book everyday. We now do our guided reading carousal daily and will need their records in school to record guided and individual reading. Please could we ask that all parents fill in their child’s reading record when they hear them read. We have noticed that some weeks are completely empty so it’s difficult for us to track if the children are being heard read at home.

We are currently assessing the children on their reading levels ensuring they are on the correct book band, this assessment has come from hearing them read and completing reading comprehension tests.

Library: Our library session is now every Tuesday. This gives the children the opportunity to change their library books and enjoy our newly refurbished library. The children will need to return their current book before taking out a new one.

Spelling: Each week, any spellings your child is getting wrong in class will be recorded in their home/school book for them to learn by the following week.

Project Homework for this half term has now been set, please find homework sheet in ‘Related Learning’ on our Year Group page. Please ensure your child brings in their homework, to be presented throughout the week commencing Monday 26th March 2018. We have also set MyMaths homework based on multiplication, division, comparing measures and time. The completion date for this is April 13th so your child also has the Easter holidays to complete it. Please don’t let your child get worried about the timed Maths activities, it is far more important for children at this age to be secure in their understanding of the four different operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division), rather than doing it at speed.

General Information:

IMPORTANT: Games/P.E lessons will take place on a Thursday and Friday for this half term. Please can you ensure that your child brings their P.E kit back into school during the first week and has the correct labelled indoor and outdoor PE kit in school everyday. We go out whatever the weather and are noticing that many children do not have warm jogging bottoms and sweat shirts. Please could you make sure your child has these items in their PE bag every week! We appreciate your help with this!

Please note: The Government have now updated the interim framework objectives for the end of KS1 (see link in related learning). This document was published on 14th September 2017 so please be aware that there have been some changes from the document we gave you at the meeting.

We have now put up the Maths calculation strategies document under related learning that we shared with parents during our Maths workshop a couple of weeks ago. 

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