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Year 2

Information for week beginning 23rd  November 2020

We hope Year 2 are enjoying their new project, ‘Calling all Heroes’!


We have finished our fortnight focus on subtraction, finishing with subtraction of 2 digits by 2 digits crossing 10. We have explored this area using manipulatives all the way to using the formal column subtraction method.
Our next focus in Maths is money and we will begin this unit by recapping our knowledge of coins and notes.
If you have got any piggy banks at home, please encourage your child to identify the different amounts and have a go at adding the coins together.
Last week, we covered statements, commands and questions where we had great fun creating our own examples.
Next week will be transforming ourselves into superheroes and writing diaries about our adventures.
Last week focused on the following sounds:
a-e as in bake
e-e as in delete
i-e as in time
o-e as in hope
u-e as in cube
This week we will be doing a big focus on blending sounds to read unfamiliar words ready for our phonics screening check which will be later this term. The phonics screening check is nothing to worry about and something that your child is familiar with doing. Your child will read both real and nonsense decodable words such as brip and snorb. This is a chance for us to establish where your child needs further support with their phonics understanding.
Reading books have been collected at the end of this week and new books will be going out at the beginning of next week. Please be aware that in Year 2 reading book levels are based on fluency, expression and also comprehension skills. In the back on the Rocket Phonics books are some comprehension question ideas for you to look through with your child.
If you have any books left at home from Year 1 please can you send them in with your child so we can return them, thank you!
Other information

Our next PE day is Friday the 27th November, children will need to come to school in their PE kits on this day.

Have a wonderful weekend, we look forward to seeing you Monday!

Miss Brennan and Miss Green


Here are the word walls if you would like to keep working on these at home:

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KS1 Word Wall 2

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