Year 3

Update for Week beginning : 20.5.2019

London Class Worship: Thursday 23rd May 2019

English information:

This week, the children will have an opportunity to practise the poetic skills they learned last week, whilst also giving them the opportunity to write freely for pleasure. At the beginning of the week, Year 3 will explore the difference between a simile and a metaphor:

Simile: Her face was as red as a tomato.

Metaphor: Her face is a red tomoato.

The children will then be given the chance to write their own poem, in a style of their choice, using poetic devices of their own choosing.

Maths information:

This week in maths, the children will be revisiting their understanding of angles. We will recap two main concepts:

  1. Recognising angles as a turn. For example, Year 3 should understand that a quarter turn is the same as one right angle.
  2. Recognising and identifying three types of angels (acute, right, obtuse) within different contexts.

Week 2: More Fractions

Week 3: Fractions on a number line

Week 4: Mixed sums

Week 5: Angles

Other Curriculum News:


To finish our project learning this half term, the children will take part in a mini Year 3 tournament at school against other children in their year group. This will be fun and light-hearted encompassing the best qualities of football competitions around the world.

Year 3 will also have an opportunity to design their own football ‘Dream Team’ using the statistics of professional footballers. Will Year 3 be able to afford the players of their dreams on a tight budget set by their ‘club owners’? (teachers!) We can’t wait to find out!


Outdoor PE – Wednesday afternoons

Indoor PE – Friday mornings



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