Year 3

Update for Week beginning : 18.3.2019

English information:

This week in English we will be learning how to write an effective and interesting newspaper report. The children will be presented with newspapers at the beginning of the week so they can discover the key features of a newspaper report. As the week progresses, Year 3 will learn how to write an effective headline moving towards writing a newspaper report by the end of the week about the Roman invasion.

Maths information:

In our maths lessons this week, the children will be revising their knowledge and understanding of 2D and 3D shapes. We will begin the week by revising the names and properties of 2D shapes. By the end of the week, Year 3 will revise the names of 3D shapes and will be able to talk about the properties of these shapes.

My Maths homework Week 4:  This week, it would be useful to complete the 2D and 3D shapes homework.

Week 2: ‘Introducing Perimeter’ homework.

Week 3: ‘Addition and Subtraction’

Other Curriculum News:

Roman Around!

In our project lessons this week, the children will learn about the Roman invasion in detail to support the newspaper report they are writing in English. They will be expected to be able to recount what happened during the Roman invasion and then use their understanding to support their newspaper report.

PE – Please ensure your child has appropriate footwear for PE as well as tracksuit bottoms and a jumper in their kit, so that they are able to take part in their lesson successfully. We will still do PE in cold and drizzly conditions and it is important that your child is prepared for this.

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