Year 4

Week beginning 29th March 2021

Well done year 4! It’s the last week of learning before the Easter holidays.

Maths and English

In English, children will be using their plans from previous lesson to write their own ‘Tudor tale’.

In Maths, we will be revisiting some topics covered during the lockdown. Children will go over finding area, short multiplication, fractions and short division.


Here are the year 4 spellings for this week, please focus on week 1.







Year 4 spelling list

After the Easter holidays, children will be tested on all their Year 4 spellings so please encourage your child to practise these over the Easter holidays.

Other curriculum news

In RE, we will be concluding our Pentecost unit by looking at the church as the body of Christ.

In History, we will be looking at the Tudors and children will be producing a double sided page of all they have learnt about the ‘Tudors’.



As always, please encourage your children to continue practising their spellings and timestables.

We would like children to please log on to MyMaths and complete the task ‘fraction and decimal equivalents’. This is to be completed by Sunday 4th April.

Have fun and keep safe,

Mrs. Fakorede and Mrs. Clark


Additional information:

  • Please ensure children are bringing a coat in everyday as there will be a constant air flow through the school.
  • Parent’s evening will be held on Monday 29th March (3.30-6:30pm) and Wednesday 31st March (4:30-7:30pm). Please make appointments via Parent booking.
  • Last day of term – 1st April 2021 lunchtime finish.


1Peter 5:7- ‘Cast all your care (worries, anxiety, burden) on Him because He cares for You.’


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