Year 4

Update for Tuesday 14th July 2020

Good morning Year 4,


Day two of our final week of virtual school! We absolutely loved seeing you on our Year 4 Zoom assembly. Prayers with Parslow, with special messages from teachers, will be live on the school Facebook page and Youtube account from 9am tomorrow morning.

Throughout the week we will be reflecting on group topics, Virtual school, achievements, things you would like to get better at and many other things. We will also begin to look forward to the future too. 



This week we will be continuing to learn about autobiographies. Today, you identified the key features of an autobiography. Here is a reminder of these below:

  • Write in the first person (I/Me)
  • Write in chronological order with time connectives
  • Include memories, influences and achievements
  • Use names of individuals, places and dates for specific events
  • Include hopes and plans for the future

Tomorrow you are going to plan your very own autobiography. This is going to help you to write your autobiography on Thursday, so the more detail you include tomorrow in your plan will greatly support your writing on Wednesday. Attached is a template of a plan that you may like to use to help you. You can also answer the questions in this plan in your workbooks instead. 

Autobiography Plan Template PDF


This week we will be continuing to focus on the topic ‘position and direction’. Tomorrow we are going to be looking at creating a symmetric figure. To begin with, watch this video:  After, there is a bit more information on BBC Bitesize that you may wish to read here:

From here, I would like you all to have a go at the ‘complete a symmetrical figure main’ sheet.  After this, there is a bronze, silver and gold extension to try in the ‘extension’ document. 

Complete a symmetrical figure main


Lines of Symmetry Alternative Task Answers



Tomorrow’s foundation task coincides with your English task, so you may like to complete this first before undertaking your foundation task.

Tomorrow’s foundation task is to design the front cover of your autobiography! A book cover gives prospective readers a good sense of what the book will look like. If you want to attract people to read your book, it’s very important to make your cover as eye-catching as possible. Here are the key features of book covers that you need will need to include:

Your book title can simply be your name, or you may like to be more inventive. Main characters and a setting could be included on your front cover as well. Of course, the book is all about you, so you are the main character! Your setting could be your most loved location. For example, mine would be alongside a river in a forest. 

Below is some inspiration for this task:

You can be creative as you like for this task! If you would like to simply draw the front cover on a piece of paper, or you may like to complete this on your device through PurpleMash (This task has been set as a To-Do if you choose to use Purple Mash). You may even like to get some of your arts and crafts skills out for this, let your imagination run wild!

A book cover template and detailed checklist is attached to further help you with this task.

Book Cover Template and Checklist



Would you believe that tomorrow will be our final Teams Talk Tuesday of the year!  To mark this, we are going to play a game. It will be…

Virtual I spy! If you have not played I spy before, let me explain. I spy is a guessing game where one person chooses an object within sight and announces to the other players that; “I spy with my little eye, something beginning with…”, naming the first letter of the object. Other people attempt to guess this object.

How are we going to do this all in different places you ask?! We are going to use the backgrounds in your camera! This means we will choose something from one of your backgrounds to spy. We will all take turns to be the I spy player. You do not have to have a turn as you can simply guess everyone else’s ideas, but if you would like a turn – that’s brilliant! If we have time, I may ask you to go to a different room or just turn slightly so we have a different background to find new objects!

Therefore, for this call, you do not need to prepare anything just bring yourselves and your I spying skills. You may want to think of interesting things to have in your background, too. I am really looking forward to seeing all your smiling faces tomorrow. 

Have a great day.



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