Year 5

Dear Year 5,

We hope you have a fantastic Easter break. We know it will be slightly strange for a lot of you. Planned holidays have been cancelled, visits to family have been postponed and you can’t even go out to enjoy the beach and surrounding areas of the fantastic area that we live in. However, we can spent time with out immediate family, we can spend time learning new skills, we can spend time reading, we can go out and exercise once a day, we can use phones and laptops to virtually talk to each other and family. As we always do at St James’, we face every challenge with positivity and we will face this new challenge with a positive mindset and positive outlook. Have a fantastic, restful break and we cannot wait to virtually see you in two weeks.

We would also like to say a huge thank you for your enthusiasm and hard work over the last two weeks. You have absolutely amazed us with your resilience, humour and positive spirit during these strange times. It has been a pleasure speaking to your all down the phone and (even if you don’t miss us) we definitely miss seeing all your big smiling faces greeting us in the morning. We are so pleased to see so many new healthy routines being embedded and lots of different types of learning happening at home, which may not have happened if we were still at school. Even if you have learned how to knitt! This is still a new challenge and new skill which requires patience, a steady hand and persistence! These are called transferable skills which you won’t realise you’re working on, but will help you with your school work and in life.  

Some ideas for keeping yourselves occupied over the holiday have been sent in a parentmail but please feel free to carry on with anything we have set so far. We won’t be sending out daily emails but here are a few suggestions: 

  • Play some maths games – use prodigy, TTrockstars (Year 5 vs Year 6), Mymaths and any others you have found. 
  • Do some baking – great for maths skills and with a bonus to eat at the end! 
  • Do some more RE posters and poems and paintings.  
  • Use the stop motion app on a phone/tablet and some playdough and create a film. Bonus – write a script and put some speech to it! 
  • Draw a map of The British Isles and see how many key features and places you can plot. A bit like the cartoon map we did with Greece. 
  • Listen to some more music and compare the pieces you hear – have a go at writing your own song lyrics. 
  • Gardening – can you grow your own vegetables?
  • Marathon – can you run a marathon in your living room? Measure the length of your living room, divide the length of a marathon by the length of your living room and that will tell you the amount of laps/lengths you would need to do.

Stay safe and remember to be kind. 

Have a fantastic Easter break, 

Miss Martin & Mr Thomas 



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