Year 5


Welcome to Sports Week! We are all a bit disappointed not to be having Sports Day as usual but, rather like the people we learnt about in our ARK lessons last week, we are building our resilience skills and looking forward to a fantastic week of sport anyway!

Children should come in PE kit for every day this week if possible.

Maths and English

In Maths last week we began to learn about position and direction, learning how to describe position on a grid using co ordinates. Along the corridor and up the stairs has become a familiar phrase! This week, we will be looking at symmetry and translation of shapers.

In English, we have been developing our figurative language with some excellent similes, metaphors and hyperbole as well as continuing our reading comprehension skills. Our focus now is on poetry and we thoroughly enjoyed writing Kennings last week. This week we will be doing some sports reporting as well as carrying on with our exploration of poetry. We have reached a dramatic part of our new class book; Kensuke’s Kingdom and are really relishing this great adventure story.

We are continuing to improve our handwriting so that it is neat, joined and legible.

As usual, we have a weekly focus on spelling in our morning activities and, again, little and often can help to maintain learning so any work on spellings that can be done at home is much appreciated and useful.



We are expecting all children to have a reading book in school and would really encourage them to choose a book which they can read at home and school and become really absorbed in. Reading is a key skill and losing yourself in a book and letting your imagination run riot is an opportunity not to be missed so please do encourage your children to read as much as possible. We are always delighted to receive any book reviews that we can share with the rest of the year group.
Attached are some recommended books for Year 5: Book List
Other Curriculum:

We have continued our ‘Coasts’ geography based project and have been exploring Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, looking at physical and human geographical features.  We will soon be exploring the erosion of coastal areas and the impact of climate change and the sea on the world around us. Last week we also started a larger scale art project looking at coastal art and have begun sketching our plans for our own coastal art.


We are continuing to set My Maths homework this term based on what we have learnt so far, this is a great opportunity for the children to consolidate the knowledge and understanding that they have learnt in school, at home.

We will shortly be issuing some project homework to go alongside our current learning.


Important Information:

We will be carrying out some assessments over the next couple of weeks under test conditions but, this should be nothing for your children to worry about as it is just to identify gaps and help to isolate the next focus for learning. All we ask is that they do their best to show what they can do and we will do our best to make the experience calm and happy.

We are going to try to go to King’s Park on additional Fridays where possible so children can come to school in PE kit every Friday from now on. We want to make the most of the Summer weather and, after a year of not being able to play games and sports together as much as usual, we are keen to find opportunities to do this.

Pokemon cards: In Year 5, we have set up a calm club where the children can colour, draw or play with Pokemon cards during their play and lunchtimes which has been a lovely experience. These cards are allowed for our for this club but cannot be taken onto the playground and must stay away during lessons. It is important to emphasise that these are the absolute responsibility of the individual themselves.

PLEASE DO NOT bring in additional fidget spinners, Rubik’s cubes, games, magnets, poppets etc We will let the children know if there is an appropriate time for these to come in as a treat.

Thank you for your continued support.

Look after yourselves and all those around you.
Take care,
Miss Cutler and Mrs Dodd

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