Year 5

Dear Year 5,  


  • Virtual school star of the week winners being announced at 2pm on Friday afternoon. 
  • Sign and Sing with Mrs Dodd will be available to join in with on the school’s Facebook and Youtube page from 9am. 

Teams meeting: 

Today, we would like you to answer the question: if you could only eat one item of food for the rest of your life, what would you eat? We are excited to hear your answers! 

We would also like you to bring along a photo of you as a baby if you have one. Do not worry if you don’t have one to hand.  


Daily Spellings  Daily times table  Reading target  Sign language word of the day 
Look, say, cover, write then check  Recall times table or check here for more methods: 


Try to hit the target. 






4, 5, 6 


3 chapters 




Each day this week, we are looking at different themes within our weekly project ‘This is Me’. Today’s theme is My family history. In yesterday’s staff video, we found out lots about the adult’s family. You can watch the video here – Today we would like to find out about yours. 

English task: 

For English today, we would like you to choose a member of your family and write a biography about them. What is a biography? 

biography is an account of a person’s life written by someone else. It should not be confused with an autobiography, which is a person’s own account of their life, written by him or her. 

To write a biography you will need to conduct some research to start with and ask the chosen person several questions before you can start writing your biography. Some of the questions you could ask include: 

  • When and where were you born? 
  • Your earliest memory or interesting childhood stories? 
  • Who did you admire growing up? (famous people or family members) 
  • Your favourite game to play? 
  • What school did you go to? Did you like/not like school? 
  • Who were your childhood friends? Did you stay in contact? 
  • What was your first job? Best job? 
  • Family – siblings, children, parents? 
  • How did you meet your partner? 
  • Your happiest memory? 
  • Main lessons you have learned in your lifetime? 
  • Whatever else you want to find out.  

Look at the comparisons between their life and yours.  

Here are some models of biographies that will help you structure yours. Mary Berry Roald Dahl Tim Peake

A checklist to make sure you had included all of the features needed. T2-E-1614-Features-of-a-Biography-Writing-Checklist

Finally, a template that you could use to help structure and layout your biography. Template


Maths task 

Today we would like to you have a go at scaling. 

Scaling can be found in lots of places and one that you will all probably be familiar with is in recipes.  

If you need 100g to make 2 brownies…how many grams of flour do you need to make 4 brownies? 200g!! The number of brownies has doubled, so you also need to double the amount of flour.  

Watch this video:

Sheets: Animal scaling with answers  

1 star/2 star/3 star differentiation can be found on the first sheet. The sheets go up in difficulty. 

Challenge:  maths-puzzle


Project task:  

Today’s project task is a mixture of history and French. 

A few years ago, Mr Thomas’ Aunt created a family tree for his family. This dates back to 1860 when his Great Great Great Grandfather was born and has 6 generations on it. Today, we would like you to have a go at creating your own family tree.  

You may need to speak to parents and Grandparents to find out about your Great-Grandparents and Great Aunts and Uncles etc. How many generations can you trace back to? Whilst speaking to them, ask them how they are? Why are you asking them about your family history? There are lots of websites and apps where you can trace them, however, we have looked into lots of these and you need to have a subscription to them so you may want to go as far back as you can go without online resources. 

Be creative with how you design it. 

Once you have created your family tree take a look at the powerpoint which goes through family members in French. On your tree, underneath, have a go at putting the name of the relation in French eg. underneath my brother I would write mon frère. French-Family-Members-Powerpoint_ver_2


Can you match the relations to the pictures from the family tree on the last pageThere is no need to print off the sheetsThere are 1 star, 2 star and 3 star sheetsFrench family activity sheet


Stay safe and be kind,  

Miss Martin and Mr Thomas 


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