Year 6

Week Beginning 19.04.21

Welcome back to our final full term of Year 6. Wow… where has the time gone?! We are so proud of how well our Year 6 group have coped and thrived in two turbulent, academic years. They will go very far in life with all the resilience and perseverance they have shown during these times.
English and Maths:
In English, our focus will be learning about manifestos and democracy before being introduced to our prestigious new project… The Great St. James’ Election 2021. We will be splitting the year group into four different parties where they will then decide their key objectives of their campaign.
In Maths, we are going to be looking at area, perimeter and focusing on applying what we know to problem solving and reasoning questions.
Important information:
  • Please return the CGP books if you took them home (Reading, Grammar and Maths).  These will be forming a big part of our curriculum, so it is pivotal the children have access to them in school asap.
  • Our next PE day will be Tuesday 20th April, so the children will need to come dressed in PE kit for this day.
  • We would also like to gather evidence of the writing that has been done during the online lessons.  Please can the children bring in copies of their biographies and myths.  Thank you!
  • Please can any reading books belonging to the school also be returned asap as we need to quarantine them.

Mr Slattery and Miss Martin


Below are some resources you can use for optional extra activities if you so wish:

English reading activities

English reading activities should consist of reading an extract or short story and answering questions. Guidance here:



Your username and password are in the password pack you received from school.


  • A mountain of the world
  • A mountain range of the world
  • Comprehension quiz for ‘How to Train your Dragon’
  • Extract from Alex Rider Mission 1: Storm Breaker
  • Extract from ‘Arthur High King of Britain’
  • Extract from ‘The Wreck of the Zanzibar’
  • Extract from ‘Young, Gifted and Black”


  • What are facts and opinions?
  • What does an author do?
  • What is inference?


  • All activities through this link


  • All activities through this link


SPaG – Spelling punctuation and grammar activities

  1. SPaG exam questions



Your username and password are in the password pack you received from school.

  • Apostrophes – Demo 1
  • Apostrophes – Demo 2
  • Homophone magic
  • Is it a noun?


  • You should be able to sign up for free and get some free questions.


  1. Glossary of Grammar terminology


  1. Grammar and punctuation information– click to be taken to the document


6. Year 5/6 spelling list – Y5 and 6 spelling list



Remember, MyMaths tasks will be set each week as identified in the weekly web update.  Please ensure that you do the tasks set for the week.  Remember, you also have access to Timetables Rockstars, too.

Remember, the Maths exam is split into three; one arithmetic paper and two reasoning papers.  The arithmetic paper is more calculation based, whereas the reasoning focuses more on the application of these skills.


Arithmetic – weekly arithmetic practise, very much in the style of the Year 6 tests. – arithmetic practise; select how many questions you want to try.


Daily arithmetic can be downloaded here:  1-4 13-16 17-20 21-24 25-26 27-30 31-34 5-8 9-12.


Reasoning – List of the different style of reasoning/problem solving questions. – access to a range of free papers in a very similar style to the tests. – Reasoning quick tests – Downloadable reasoning style questions, along with a brilliant explanation of what reasoning actually is. – excellent reasoning resource. You need to sign up for free, but then the download is also free.

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