Year 6

Update for Week beginning : 25.03.2019

Maths and English:

In Maths and English this week, children will be completing assessment papers for maths, reading, grammar and spellings. We will also be continuing to revise arithmetic topics in maths, including fractions and percentages. In English, we will be writing promotional material for our invented toys using persuasive techniques in order to grab the reader’s attention and encourage them to buy our toys!

Other curriculum news:

We have be evaluating children’s toys so that we can design, make and promote a new toy for a young child. We will be learning various graphic design techniques this week to create packaging and advertise our products. Children will use their mathematical knowledge of 3D shape nets to choose the best shape to show off their toys.

General Information:

Outdoor PE will be on Tuesday afternoons when we will generally be going to Kings Park together with Year 5. Please ensure that suitable kit, including tracksuit bottoms, is in school so that we can all participate fully.

Indoor PE will usually now be on Thursdays.



We will not be setting project homework this half term but are giving the children a chance to practise areas of Maths, Grammar and reading that they need to. Reading at home is crucial as is times table practice and ,this week, we are giving them a range of grammar sheets to choose from.

MyMaths home learning set – fractions, algebra, the four operations, 3D shape and pie charts and percentages.

Suggested home learning for this week based on topics covered:  Percentages

Previous topics covered: Pie Charts, algebra, shape and fractions


Any questions, please do catch us in the playground.


Mrs Dodd and Mr Smith

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