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Year 6

Week Beginning 26th September 2022

How are we coming to the end of September?! Time is flying by! But you know what they say, time flies when you are having fun and we are certainly having fun! This week we got to share out some Liquorice Allsorts but not to eat sadly, we had to use them to create a classification key so that we could easily sort them as if they were living organisms.

Parents are invited to join us in the church on Thursday 29th September for our Harvest Festival – 9:00am – 9:30am

Worship theme: Harvest. Exodus 23:16 ‘Celebrate the Festival of gathering at the end of the year, when you gather in your crops from the field.’


Last week we spend time creating our own traction cities out of clay and using our learning about descriptive writing to then write a descriptive paragraph about our creation. In English next week, we will begin looking at the first chase scene in our story – London and Salthook and using our story writing skills (along with our fantastic descriptive skills) to create the opening scene in our own words. We want drama, we want energy, we want excitement!

In maths last week we have been looking at place value up to our tens of millions. Wow! What big numbers!! We played a game called nasty and naughty where you had to roll the dice and create the biggest number you could after seven rolls. On day two, you could then pass on any lower digits to your partners number…nasty!! Next week we are continuing with place value and then moving onto the four core operations, multiply, divide, addition and subtraction.

Key dates:

  • Thursday 29th September – Harvest festival – 9:00am – 9:30am in St. James’ Church
  • Monday 26th September – 3:30pm-4:00pm and 4:30-5:00pm – Parent’s information meeting in the Year 6 classrooms.
  • Friday 21st October – 9:30am – 10:15am – Parent Outcome to celebrate the learning for Term 1 in the school hall.
  • Wednesday 19th October – Homework deadline for this term
  • Friday 21st October – 9:30am – 10:15am – Parent outcome in hall

Other news

  • PPA Days – PPA Days will be every other Friday and children should come in in their PE kits.
  • PE every Thursday and Friday – We will be teaching indoor PE on the non-PPA Fridays with another indoor session on Thursday, so children should wear their PE kits every Friday AND THURSDAY. 
  • Project overview and Project homework – please find links to the relevant information below.
  • MyMaths – we have no set a load of My Maths tasks, based on the learning we will be doing this term.  Most of them relate to place value.  Please let us know if you are finding them too easy or tricky and remember that below there are many resources you can use to extend your learning from home.
  • Reading books –we would like to remind everyone to have a reading book in school – this can be a school or home book but we expect them to be read and experienced so that we can share recommendations and reviews of what we have read and really enhance our reading skills. We are displaying books that we’ve read in the classroom to get children talking about the stories they love and to inspire others to try new titles.
  • Reading records – All children should now have a blue reading record in which they can record how often they are reading. They will receive one raffle ticket if they read three times a week and two if they read more than five. At the end of each term we will be drawing a raffle and who ever is drawn will go to Costa with their favourite book for a babychino! You’ve got to be in it, to win it!


Mortal Engines –

  • Homework deadline for this term – Wednesday 19th October

Mortal Engines Homework Term 1

Mortal Engines Parent overview Term 1

MyMaths – We are currently working to get this up and running, we will update this once it is ready to go.


Best wishes,

Mr Slattery and Miss Martin

Learning as a family in Jesus, through Love, Hope and Forgiveness.

Matthew 19:26 “with God all things are possible.”


Below are some resources you can use for optional additional activities if you so wish:

English reading activities

English reading activities should consist of reading an extract or short story and answering questions. Guidance here:



  • What are facts and opinions?
  • What does an author do?
  • What is inference?



  • All activities through this link



  • All activities through this link


SPaG – Spelling punctuation and grammar activities

  1. SPaG exam questions



Your username and password are in the password pack you received from school.

  • Apostrophes – Demo 1
  • Apostrophes – Demo 2
  • Homophone magic
  • Is it a noun?


  • You should be able to sign up for free and get some free questions.


  1. Glossary of Grammar terminology


  1. Grammar and punctuation information– click to be taken to the document


6. Year 5/6 spelling list – Y5 and 6 spelling list



Remember, MyMaths tasks will be set each week as identified in the weekly web update.  Please ensure that you do the tasks set for the week.  Remember, you also have access to Timetables Rockstars, too.

Remember, the Maths exam is split into three; one arithmetic paper and two reasoning papers.  The arithmetic paper is more calculation based, whereas the reasoning focuses more on the application of these skills.


Arithmetic – weekly arithmetic practise, very much in the style of the Year 6 tests. – arithmetic practise; select how many questions you want to try.


Daily arithmetic can be downloaded here:  1-4 13-16 17-20 21-24 25-26 27-30 31-34 5-8 9-12.


Reasoning – List of the different style of reasoning/problem solving questions. – access to a range of free papers in a very similar style to the tests. – Reasoning quick tests – excellent reasoning resource. You need to sign up for free, but then the download is also free.

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