Year 6

Update for Week beginning : 16.07.2018

Thank you so much for being such a fabulous audience for our production this week! We were delighted with the way things went and how brilliantly ALL of the children performed, sang, moved staging, danced,organised technology and more! We are very proud of them yet again 😄

The last week promises to be another busy one but hopefully filled with fun and learning to feed our final memories of St James. Monday will be our sex and relationship session where we will be thinking about ,not only the science behind it but also,the importance of self respect, body image and respect for each other.

Hopefully you have all received a parentmail with details of the Leavers’ Eucharist and Leavers’ Evening on Thursday but please do ask if you have any queries. We are really looking forward to seeing you there for a time of celebration and sending our children off to pastures new with our love and best wishes.

Other curriculum news:

‘Boaty McBoatface in The Pirates of The Blue Planet’ DVDs are available to order – please return forms and payment to the office before the end of term.

General Information:

Please do remind your children to drink plenty of water and to remove jumpers in this hot weather. One or two seem convinced that it is a mark of ‘toughness’ to keep your jumper on – it really isn’t and we are just concerned that they will overheat and consequently feel unwell.  Your support on this would be most appreciated.

Final Homework:

As a final homework, we would like the children to produce a ‘My life so far ‘ for display on the Leavers’ Evening. They can be any size you like but no bigger than A2. We look forward to seeing all those baby pictures and cute little reception photos – please use photocopies if they are particularly precious.

Key dates :

Leavers’ Eucharist – Thursday 19th July – 1.30pm

Leavers’ Evening – Thursday 19th July – 7pm

Last week together!

Any questions, please do catch us in the playground.

Miss Brennan and Mrs Dodd



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