Year 6

Good morning! 

Thank you so much for all the song videos and talent videos that have been coming in. You are all fantastic for giving it a go 😊 If you haven’t done yours yet, please, please try and get them done by the end of today if you can so that we have time to edit. 

Any questions, email us. 

The last Sign and Sing is available on the website today from 9am – a couple of favourites on there hopefully to send you into Summer with a smile. 

Today’s tasks: 


Maths Task: 

In today’s maths task, you are responsible for using your knowledge and understanding of fractions to plan a Year 6 common room! You will need to compare fractions, simplify fractions, add fractionsfind fractions of amounts and more. 

Year 6 Common Room

Questions throughout this challenge really do vary; some are simple one-step problems, yet others require multi-step reasoning. If at any point you are finding a particular question really tricky, then move on to the next and you may have better luck. Answers appear on the final sheet, so please do mark you work once you have given it your best go! 


English/History Task: 

Today, we want you to think about your own family history.  

First, watch this clip from Who Do You Think You Are where the TV presenter, Fearne Cotton, finds out a little more about her great grandfather. 

We don’t always know the stories of our families, especially if they were something difficult to deal with and it can be really interesting to find out more about your family background. Sometimes it helps us discover more about ourselves or why we like or dislike particular things. 

If you are at home, you could ask people around you about your family or you could give a grandparent a call and see what you can find out about your family. 

When you have done some research, do one of the following activities: 

  1. Create a family tree  for you and your family, filling in as much detail as you can and drawing pictures of the members of your family. 


       2.   Write about one or two individual family members – if there is a particularly interesting               story, this is your chance to tell it. You could write a biography or even a story about this                  person. 


Art Task: 

Sticking with our theme of family trees, we would like you to use word art to make a tree about your family. 

You could: 


You can use words that describe your family or you could put the names of your family on it. 

If you don’t have a laptop, design your own word tree instead. 




  • Paint or draw a tree that represents your family. You could draw your family members as apples on a fruit tree or make a design using your family surname. 


It’s another week of fun learning ahead – we’re here to help and we’re looking forward to seeing you all on Teams in the classroom and beyond! 

Mrs Dodd and Mr Holland 

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