And the celebrations continue…!

Date: 13th May 2016

By: Mr Brown

Category: Celebration, Healthy eating, Kindness, News, School trip, Sport, Teamwork, Year 6

BaDaBing-BaDaBoom!!! These year 6s know how to party after their hard graft this week. Firstly you go en masse down to the beach for some ‘team building’ and summer games, while hard working office staff down tools and spend the morning cooking up bacon, sausage and vegetarian options in the back room on camping stoves.

Then walk back to school and waltz on in to hand delivered and choice of sauce service for your freshly cooked bap filled with item of choice.  

Massive thanks to Carole, Debbie and Anne who made up the food and served it with such love and grace, and well done again to all of year 6. May all your weekends be filled with happiness and humor. Looking forward to seeing you back on Monday!

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