Fantastic Football!!

Date: 16th June 2016

By: Mr Brown

Category: Celebration, Competition, News, Sport, Teamwork, Whole school

Today we had Golden Time a day early in order to accommodate our ‘Malawi Day’ which will be taking over the school tomorrow.  Children could choose from normal golden time activities or they could, for this one off special occasion, elect to go to the hall to enjoy the first half of the England v Wales European Championships group game.  We had quite a crowd, and they brought with them some pretty loud cheering voices….!42 minutes into the first half, much of the hall was silenced by a goal from Welsh Striker Gareth Bale.  As many English supporters looked to the floor in disappointment, there was one rather contrasting section of the hall where the Welsh supporters had congregated to celebrate their moment of glory…  Mrs Hurley was a picture of professionalism and calm composure…Many of the children left to go and watch the second half of the game at home, but some stayed behind, including many more of the teachers.  Mrs Hurley’s expression was not looking quite so animated after Sterling scored a second goal for England, winning the game 2-1.  A great game and one that means both teams can still hopefully qualify to go through to the knock out stages.

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