Malawi Update

Date: 12th September 2016

By: Mr Brown

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We have received information about how much of the £4,000 that our community raised has been spent to support the children of the Munkhokwe school in Malawi.  A team from Hooke Court visited the school again over the summer and have reported back to us that our support continues to make a big impact on our sister community.

Since our last donation, Mr Chirwa (the headteacher) has done lots at the school. He has written a letter to us which you can read below.   We have been able to provide almost all of the school resources he wanted for this year.   The school have had huge problems with termites in 2 of the classrooms so some money has been used to treat and remedy that and our funding has also provided maize and tools etc so the school can grow their own food.  The chief of the village has given them land which was seen by the Hooke Court visitors and the village are providing the labour to grow the food which will hopefully be ready by end of February / March when it will be much needed.  There will be a further visit in January to ensure the financial support has been used properly so far and further support will then be provided. 

Alongside the farming and termite spending, we have also provided exercise books, pens, pencils, maths sets, chalk, teachers’ books, registers, flip charts, files, felt pens, glue, board rulers, a world map and plywood.  On behalf of Mr Chirwa, we would like to once again thank everyone in the community for your generous support.


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  1. Anita Kaur-simon says

    18th May 2017 at 6:30 pm

    Thanks for the update! So lovely to hear how the fundraising is making a real difference. Well done st james!

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