Parents’ Evening and feedback…

Date: 9th November 2016

By: Mr Brown

Category: Parents, Partnership, Safety, Teamwork, Whole school

It was a great first parents’ evening last night – thank you to all those who came along to talk about how your children are getting on with their learning. We’re really looking forward to tonight’s evening as well. Books are in your child’s classroom for you to look through in advance (or after) and the meetings will take place in the hall.

While you’re here, let’s clear up one of the misconceptions we heard a few times last night…! At lunchtimes, we are encouraging children to go to the toilet when they are in the building during their twenty minute lunch sitting. There is plenty of time for this and it means they are not having to walk in from the playground across the access road any more than necessary.  

We have NOT! told children that they are not allowed to go to the toilet once they are out on the playground, but we ARE encouraging them to self regulate and try to control when they need to go. No child will be stopped from going to the toilet, but they may be asked whether they can ‘wait 5 minutes until they go in for lunch’ etc. as a part of helping them to try and learn self control. Those who really need to go, or who have medical conditions that we are aware of will, of course, always still be allowed to go.

We’d be very grateful if you could help your children to understand the distinction in discussion at home… thanks!

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