We will remember

Date: 11th November 2016

By: Mr Brown

Category: British Values, Dance, History, Parents, Performance, Questioning, Reflection, SMSC, Teamwork, Whole school, Worship, Year 6

This morning Year 6 led our whole school in a Remembrance Day worship which was an emotional and sombre experience. As I said afterwards, normally these worships are really uplifting and positive experiences where we can reflect on important messages with humour and collective engagement. This morning was different, in a fantastically mature and thoughtful way.
Year 6 walked us through many different aspects of what it was like to experience World War 2, from evacuation to the jitterbug, from poetry to prayer, from the frontline to the home front and all underpinned with the significance of the poppy. We held a minute’s silence together while all in the hall, and then once again at 11am along with the rest of the country and many others around the world.
We finished by understanding that we all have a responsibility to remember those who died or were injured on our behalf while also reminding ourselves that war is a terrible thing and we can prevent that by being kind to each other, by understanding that we are different but those differences are to be celebrated and by showing love and compassion for all who share this world with us.
Together, we will never forget. Well done Year 6 for being such fantastic leaders of our community. You stepped up to the plate and delivered this morning.

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  1. Joyce and Philip Moist says

    11th November 2016 at 2:57 pm

    So moving !

    Well done everyone who took part !