Rations, singing and real old people…

Date: 23rd November 2016

By: Mr Brown

Category: British Values, Community, History, Questioning, Reflection, SMSC, Visitor, Year 6

Year 6 hosted a visit last week from a couple of very distinguished guests – Mrs Dodd’s mum and dad!!

They had come in to talk with the children about their experiences growing up in the shadows and aftermath of World War 2.  The children listened intently as they heard about lives that were very, very different to their own.  They joined in together to sing some old wartime favourites around the piano (accompanied by Mrs D’s dad on the ivories and Mrs D’s Mum’s amazing voice) such as ‘We’ll meet again’ and chocolate was shared by everyone – rationed, of course!

It was a wonderful moment to bring the current topic learning into sharper perspective.  We’re very grateful to Mr and Mrs Horrell for giving up their time to share their experiences and help us to understand our learning even more.

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