Year 5 Greek Animations

Date: 14th December 2016

By: Admin St James

Category: Achievement, English, History, I.T., Independence, Performance, Teamwork, Writing, Year 5


Year 5 have been having lots of fun creating their own Greek myth animations.  They were given the challenge to create a Greek animation based on a myth of their choice and were given the week to do this.  They decided to begin by using a storyboard to plan their ideas, they wrote scripts for their characters and then created their characters out of plasticine.

They used an app called ‘Stop Motion’ to create their animations and worked hard to make their plasticine models come to life.

They are extremely proud of their animations, we think they are great! We hope you do too!

Here a few of our videos for you to enjoy – all the rest are on our Youtube channel – follow the link to find them:



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