Weather Warning…

Date: 11th January 2017

By: Mr Brown

Category: Outdoor learning, Parents, Safety, Whole school

Let’s not get too over excited about this, but it’s best to be prepared and think ahead…  You may be aware of the weather forecasts for the next day or so, and earlier today the met office upgraded their advice to suggest the possibility of snow in our area.  Our position is that if the weather is bad, we will always try to open unless we are not able to guarantee the safety of the children at school.   There are a number of factors that need to be considered when thinking about this and they are always decisions that have to be weighed up, in context, at the time.

Any decision on a possible closure of the school will be communicated on this website and also on the school’s Facebook page.  Through experience, if a closure is a possibility then the school’s website may begin to operate more slowly because of the volume of people attempting to access it at the same time, however Facebook has much more robust servers and can handle the volume, so we would recommend that you use the FB updates as your first ‘go to’ reference point.  Please do not call the school office to ask for updates – 420 people calling in blocks up the phones and stops us from getting on with a myriad of things we have to be doing if faced with such a decision.  Likewise, if it begins snowing during the school day, please check Facebook and the website for any updates or information, rather than calling into the office to ask.

If we have time, we will parentmail information out also, but the website and Facebook page are the two principal places for the most recently updated information.  Feel free to share this information with your friends to help ensure everyone gets the message.  That said, living so close to the coast this information is almost certainly a complete waste of time because we’re so unlikely to see snow we think you probably have more chance of riding into school on your unicorn.  Please enjoy the film below, however.  It is a film parody that was created by a teacher in America that has gone viral.  Obviously teachers in our school are aghast that a professional could make such a film, but we thought the children might like the sentiment….!

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