Sid’s Adventures as a Pilot

Date: 13th January 2017

By: Mr Brown

Category: Achievement, Famous!!, Geography, Parents, Reading, Reception, School trip, Writing

Reception class have a friend called Sid the Seal who goes home and spends some time seeing what each of the Reception children get up to when they are not in school and enjoying their hobbies and interests outside of school.  Over Christmas Sid went home with one parent who has a rather special job flying very big planes in the sky.  Amazingly, Sid travelled with him all the way to Singapore and saw things that some of us will never see in our lifetime.  Even more amazingly, all of his exploits have been written up into an amazing travel story that details what he got up to.  We are very grateful to Mr Nimmo for the time he must have taken producing a wonderful keepsake for the children that led to many fascinating conversations and questions.  And quite a lot of jealousy from the staff who rather wish they had been allowed to carry Sid’s bags for him…!

Click the picture of Sid in the cockpit below to read about his adventures!

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