Miss Eggart burns her buns…

Date: 24th January 2017

By: Mr Brown

Category: Healthy eating, Reception, Safety, Science, Teamwork, Whole school

It was a quiet, ordinary sort of afternoon at St. James’ Academy, children were learning, year 5 and 6 were at King’s Park and everyone was engaged in developing their brain and becoming the best that they could be.  Everyone, that is, except for Miss Eggart who was quietly burning her buns in the corner.  Of course, she hoped that she would get away with this culinary mishap and quietly get back to sounding out words or learning phonemes, but the fire alarm had a different idea….

We’re delighted to say, however, that we were able to call off the fire brigade in time and everyone made a very good evacuation – a really good test that our regular fire drills are preparing us to make the right choices and keep safe in the event of a real fire.  So I suppose we should all be grateful to Miss Eggart for testing our systems!!  Anyone for cake?

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