Fractions Problem Solving in Year 3

Date: 20th February 2017

By: Admin St James

Category: Maths, Questioning, Teamwork, Year 3

Before half term, Paris class got the opportunity to apply problem solving skills when dividing chocolate! We looked at different amounts of chocolate laid out on each table and individually decided which one we would like to sit on to get the most chocolate. We had to think about how many other children were on that table, as well as the size of the chocolate and then apply our fractions knowledge.  Then we shared the chocolate out and found out whether our personal calculations were to our advantage or disadvantage.  Real life chocolate learning!!

In the end, having stressed and deliberated about the best option for the most gain, we were relieved to find out that our reward for the fantastic learning was a much more fair sharing out of the amounts equally between us all.  

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