‘Rad’ River Models

Date: 27th February 2017

By: Admin St James

Category: Art, Creativity, Geography, Reflection, Teamwork, Year 6

Year 6 have been having great fun with their geography learning! We have worked in groups to create accurate river models to consolidate our knowledge about river processes. We started by creating a sturdy base made from cardboard boxes, then built up the structures using newspaper and masking tape. The whole model was covered in a good layer of papier mâché (cue lots of glue and mess!!) before painting. Finally, children labelled the key parts of the river including: the source, where the river starts; tributaries, that join through the upper course; a flood plain, where the river spreads out after bursting its banks; meanders and oxbow lakes, created by erosion and deposition and, finally, the river mouth, where the river ends its journey at the sea.

The children showed excellent team work, creativity and resourcefulness to produce these fantastic models – great work!

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