Science Madness!

Date: 17th March 2017

By: Mr Brown

Category: Celebration, Community, Creativity, Questioning, Reflection, Science, Whole school

There are days when the school is quiet, serene and peaceful.  Yesterday was not one of them…!  We have been delving deep into our scientific knowledge this week with children across the academy enthusiastically lapping up the opportunity to learn more about Science.  We began on Monday with an assembly led by Mr Slattery which for all the world looked like an attempt to recreate Johnny Ball’s ‘Think of a Number’ program in Science style with eggs, liquids and scientific mess.  The children were enthralled!  Throughout the week classes have been engaged in a variety of short and long term scientific enquiries and yesterday afternoon all of this knowledge, enthusiasm and vigour culminated in a Science Fayre where children experimented, demonstrated and literally painted the school new colours.  It was with some trepidation that we greeted the cleaning team at the end of the day – but to their credit they responded with smiles and an acknowledgment that ‘this is what school’s should be like!’  What a great team all round!

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