Letters revive the Lunchtime Stars

Date: 28th March 2017

By: Mr Payne

Category: Achievement, British Values, Celebration, Creativity, English, Questioning, Reading, SMSC, Whole school, Writing

Reading and writing are such fundamental and important aspects of our lives that we have been thinking recently how we can encourage more ‘free’ writing – writing to achieve a purpose.  One of the ideas we’re trying is Mr Payne’s postbox – a letterbox outside the office that any child can post in to write directly to Mr Payne.  As long as letters in KS1 have a date, and in KS2 have an address and are set out correctly, then Mr Payne is trying to reply to every letter.  Year 2 wrote to him with a reminder that we had spoken of having a lunchtime ‘top table’ at the end of a week for people who had been awarded ‘lunchtime star’ tickets for good behaviour, tidiness and good conversations in the hall.  What has happened to this idea? they asked.

As a results of their letters, the lunchtime stars and top table idea were reinstated and last week we held our first meal on the stage, with juice, table cloth and a Vienetta pudding – the food of the Gods!  We’ll draw the names each Thursday to find out which nine children will be joining a member of staff for this special meal.  Great letter writing and great lunchtime choices combined!

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