Summer and Winter uniform

Date: 24th April 2017

By: Mr Brown

Category: Community, News, Parents, Questioning, Reflection, Whole school

Good morning!! Welcome to the summer term…!!
We’ve received a few requests about when the Summer Uniform should be worn, so it may be best to clear up our current approach.
As we all know, the weather does not respect policy or deliver itself in exact seasonal conformity. It can be very cold in summer and lovely and warm in winter time – and swing around in between. As such, there is no rational sense in setting dates when children must wear summer or winter uniforms as the weather should lead your decisions.
What is important to us is that children are wearing the correct attire, look smart, turn up on time and are ready to learn. You may choose whether it’s summer or winter dress, just please make sure everything is named and your children are wearing it correctly… Now let’s get on with the learning!

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