Year 1 Spring into Action

In the last few weeks of Easter term Turtle class were hardly in their classroom! It all started with a big bang experiment in science. The children investigated how many polo mints it would take to ‘explode’ the most lemonade out of a bottle. The theme for the whole of science week for Year 1 was around Materials. Some other activities the children carried out were building dens out of Lego bricks, sticks and straw for the three little pigs.  Also, testing which material would be the best roof for Jigsaw Jack, he did unfortunately get very wet!

In ICT we have been using the directional language learnt in maths to programme Bee-Bots. We learnt what an algorithm is and how important it is to program instructions in the correct order. All the children had a turn at getting a Bee-Bot from a start point to a destination on a map. The children worked really well as a team. They also designed their own Bee-Bot maps.

‘Wait a minute!’ Some teachers said as year 1 children were found cooking up in the staff room. Children enjoyed weighing ingredients and learning to measure whilst making rice krispie cakes. These were very yummy!! They had to weigh the marshmallows, rice krispies and butter then follow the recipe instructions.

In the last week of term children completed two hunts outside. One was an opportunity for the children to stop and reflect on their feelings within different settings both inside and outside the school. Children visited the church, pond, playground, staff room and car parks. Children used words such as, calm, quiet, peaceful, relaxing, happy, sad, scared and lonely to describe their feelings in the different places. Children also had to rate each place out of 10.



The children’s final hunt was an opportunity to go on an Easter egg hunt! The children had to follow directions including how many steps to take forwards, backwards, left and right to find Easter eggs around the school and church grounds. This was great fun and the children loved their Easter egg treat on return to the classroom.


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