Hat tip to Tescos….

Date: 18th May 2017

By: Mr Brown

Category: Celebration, Charity, Community, Kindness, Teamwork, Visitor, Whole school

Last week we had Year 6 SATs week and were very generously supported by Tesco Express.  Mr Brown went across on Wednesday to see whether there may be any left over bakery items to make our final SATs day a little more excited, and Barry, the manager, said he would go one better, cooking up a whole batch of chocolate twists and croissants freshly so that the children could end their exams in a little bit of style!  While he was delivering the goods to the hall, we talked about the traditional fry up the following day where the office team cook up bacon and sausages to welcome the Year 6 children back to school after their morning at the beach.  ‘No problem!’ said Barry – come on over and select the meat you need and we’ll donate that to you as well!!  So we had bags of sausages, (Linda McCartney and ex-pig variety to cover all bases) and bacon to supply a small army.  The smell of bacon filled the school and everyone duly ate like kings!  Thank you to the office team for their culinary skills!  We also personally delivered warm bacon and sausage butties over to Barry and the Tescos team to thank them!


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