Tree-riffic Year 4!

Date: 26th May 2017

By: Mrs Price

Category: Creativity, Eco, Outdoor learning, Questioning, RE, Spirituality, Teamwork, Writing, Year 4

During Outdoor Classroom Day, Year 4 took their learning to Kings Park where they became at one with nature. First of all, we began the morning by going on a nature walk through the trees, using our senses to explore them. We then had to place a lot of trust in our partners as we were led blindfolded through the trees. The aim of the activity was to feel the trees to make a mental memory and then try and find that tree once the blindfold was taken off. Amazingly, the children were very good at this task and over half managed to find their tree again!

Throughout the morning we completed a variety of art and written tasks to help us think more deeply about the trees. We sat at the bottom of the trees, leaning against the trunk, and drew what we could see above our heads. Some children also traced around leaves and created rubbings of the bark to create an interesting collage representing the trees. After having snack, we discussed creative vocabulary that we could use to describe a tree and then used this in our own poems. The quality of this writing was fantastic and the children were able to show off their poetic abilities.

Finally, before leaving, we had a bit of fun with a pair of eyes. The children created their own pair and then placed them in a humorous place around the area we had been working in. It was such fun to see the faces that the children managed to create using mainly natural materials. What a fabulous morning learning outside, topped off by then eating our lunch outdoors too!

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