Outdoor Classroom Day Year 1

Date: 6th June 2017

By: Admin St James

Category: Achievement, Creativity, English, Geography, Outdoor learning, Teamwork, Year 1

What an outstanding outdoor classroom day!

Year 1 completed all of their lessons outside on Thursday 18th May as part of National Outdoor Classroom Day. We started off by creating our own googly eyes and placed these on outside objects to make creature. The children then had fun writing a character description for their creatures. Some of the writing produced was amazing!


Next for Maths the children were measuring the length of objects using rulers, tape measure and metre sticks. They recorded the various lengths in cm and m in a table. They were very accurate and good at using language such as shorter, longer, shortest and longest which we used early in the week.

For our project ‘How does your garden grow?’ the children made natural art pictures using natural objects to make flower shapes on the ground. They worked well in small groups and every flower was very creative and unique.

It was a lovely day outside and the children were very positive and enjoyed the experiences.

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