Signing, translating and a French Cafe, It must be St James’ Languages day!

Year 3 and 4 had great fun on Friday celebrating St James’ Languages Day 2017. After sharing a whole school worship led by some of our bilingual children, each class rotated through four different workshops, each exploring a different language and culture. The children experienced the language and traditions of Poland with Mr Slattery, they looked at photos of Japan and their written language with Miss Rogers, they learnt to use sign language with Miss Tummon and ordered and tasted the delights that France has to offer, with Mrs Harris. Luckily for the children, snails and frogs legs didn’t make the menu this year…perhaps something to look forward to in 2018?

All children created their own ‘passport of the day’, describing and illustrating the different ‘countries’ they visited. We had great fun and fully embraced some of the languages that are spoken by pupils and their family members in our school.

Thank you to all the fantastic children and parents who helped out or came in to school to lead an activity, your help and enthusiasm made this day such a success.

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