Uniform update

Date: 29th August 2017

By: Mr Brown

Category: Parents, SMSC, Teamwork, Worship

Crikey trousers, it’s just a week now until we open our arms to the assembled masses that will make up the cohort of St. James’ for 2017-18.  We’re very much looking forward to it and hope you enjoyed a cracking bank holiday weekend in that great weather – it looks like a very tasty few days to come as well and so I hope you will be able to enjoy the air show fun as a last hurrah of the holiday season!

I’m writing because this is exactly the time of year when I know many of you will be making the trip to the shops to buy a new pencil case, lunch box, shoes, uniform etc.  You’ve held out as long as possible in case they grow an extra cm and it’s finally time to part with the cash…  Before you go and load up, I just wanted to gently point you in the direction of the page on our school website which runs through the uniform policy.  It’s important to us that all of the children feel part of the community of St. James’ and one key way of achieving this is by making sure our clothes fit the policy – it also saves any awkward conversations regarding items that are not correct but may have cost quite a few pounds…

Please consult the following page on our website to be sure you make the right purchase choices : https://www.stjamescebournemouth.com/info/for-parents/our-uniform/

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