Library books – can you help?

Date: 31st October 2017

By: Mr Brown

Category: Community, Creativity, Design, Hope, Partnership, Phonics, Reading, Reflection, SMSC, Spirituality, Teamwork, Whole school, Writing

Over half term, the ‘caterpillar’ that was our rather muddled and dishevelled library has tucked itself away inside a cocoon, ready to burst free a week from now on the 8th November as a beautiful butterfly of opportunity – a completely reborn space where we can celebrate reading, engage children in new books and stories and provide a mothership space from which we can promote the importance of the written word.

In other words, we’ve ripped the old one out and put something much, much better in its place.    We are about to give reading the status that it deserves in any primary school and with help from PSA funding we will also be opening up access to a brand new reading scheme we have purchased that will track children throughout the school.

!!          HERE’S HOW YOU CAN HELP        !!

We know that you are all wonderful parents who have engaged your children with books and reading.  This is a great thing.  It also means that across our school community there are going to be a large number of good quality, engaging and relevant books that have been read by your children and are now sitting on shelves waiting for a time, years from now, where they may be taken to a charity shop or (whisper it softly lest the library police hear you…) be thrown away.  Perhaps there is an alternative option…?

When we launch the library in a week’s time, we want the children to be amazed by the quality, depth and variety of opportunity on the library shelves, so please can we have those quality books that you no longer need so that they can be used for the benefit of the whole community?  We DO NOT want to take family heirlooms from you, or leave shelves bare and bereft of opportunity for your growing children – we are just asking that those books that you feel you can comfortably donate are brought into school over the course of the next few days so that they can be catalogued, installed on the system and prepared for the big launch.  Anything you feel you can donate would be fantastic.

We look forward to letting you see the new space when you come in for parents’ evenings – we’re excited to share with you this new provision for all our children.

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