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Design and Build -Wind Powered Cars

Date: 15th November 2017

By: Mr Smith

Category: Achievement, Creativity, Design, Eco, Golden Time, Maths, Safety, Science, Whole school

Last Half Term, during Golden Time, St James’ pupils have been busy measuring, sawing and glueing to create eco-friendly, wind powered cars!

First they accurately measured their wood to length and, using correct sawing technique to ensure a clean cut, children cut the pieces to length. Then they used hot glue guns to build the chassis of their car, using card triangles to create strong joins in the frame. The next step was to attach dowling as axels for the wheels and, finally, using paper clips, an elastic band and a propellor, they created the driving mechanism to power the car forward.

The children all agreed this was an excellent use of a used plastic bottle and, combined with ‘clean energy’, produced a superb eco-friendly car!



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