Hold on to your seats Year 1……. We’re taking off!

Date: 20th November 2017

By: Mrs Jacobs

Category: Community, Geography, I.T., Questioning, Visitor, Year 1

As part of our project ‘All change’ Year 1 have been comparing Barbados and Iceland and learning how climate varies around the world and just how it affects lifestyle. Last week, we were extremely lucky to have a visit from parent Pilot, James Nimmo. The children were totally immersed in James’ presentation and learnt why we need aeroplanes, how aeroplanes fly, air traffic control and how to become a pilot! They were treated to watching a live video of a take off from Hong Kong and a Thunderstorm from the cockpit! We also saw stunning photographs of the world around us from the cockpit which included clouds, stars, satellites, meteorites, fires and volcanoes over Iceland.

The children all listened and participated beautifully and thought of some great questions to ask James. We were intrigued to find out that a pilot on a long haul flight has their own bedroom where they can sleep for 4 hours!

James kindly left us with a model aeroplane and some old fashioned and modern baggage labels which the children have enjoyed using in our role play area. Thank you James for giving up your time, teaching us lots of interesting facts and inspiring some children to now have the dream of becoming pilot!

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