Year 3’s Incredible Instructions

Date: 6th December 2017

By: Admin St James

Category: Art, Creativity, Design, English, Independence, Language, Questioning, Reading, Reflection, Teamwork, Year 3

Last week Year 3 were learning all about instruction writing. We kicked off the week with an instructions carousel, where we had to follow various sets of instructions and assess which ones were the most accurate. The carousel involved following instructions on how to draw a rabbit, tie shoelaces, dance the salsa, make a paper plane and tie a school tie.

After evaluating these instructions, it was time to write our own! We built our own Lego models and then wrote detailed instructions on how to make them. It was important that our instructions were accurate, as they were given to a partner to see if they could recreate our models. We discussed what was successful about our instructions and what we could have included to improve them. Now we are fully-fledged Lego construction experts!

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