Year 5’s Stargazing experience

Date: 6th February 2018

By: Admin St James

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Last Thursday evening, year 5 ventured to Kings park equipped with binoculars, telescopes and warm clothes for their stargazing evening.  The skies were clear and the stars were out – a perfect evening to spot shooting stars and the International Space station which made an appearance just for us!

All the children came with their ever increasing space knowledge and an eagerness to observe the night sky after Mr Brown’s dad, Mr Brown, visited us in school and spoke to us about the planets, constellations and dark matter.  We even got to use his 100 year old telescope! He also joined us for the evening at Kings park – pointing out phenomena happening above our heads.

Mr Sparrow brought along his impressive telescope to help the children spot constellations and various stars.  The children were excellent at spotting constellations using their map of the night sky – we spotted Orion’s Belt and all witnessed the orange moon that appeared before the end of the evening.

Mrs Mason and Mrs Dobson were on hot chocolate and space snack duty to keep the young stargazers and their families warm and energized.  The children had brought their mugs in readiness to be filled and it was a welcome drink to keep us all warm.

It was lovely to share such a special evening with everyone and I am sure we will all be on the lookout for the International Space station making another appearance.






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