Weather warning!!

Date: 25th February 2018

By: Mr Payne

Category: Parents, Teamwork, Whole school

Watching the weather forecast is currently both an exciting and nervy business.  The BBC weather has just concluded with the phrase ‘we COULD, and I say could at this stage, be heading for a full blown blizzard across the South by the end of the week‘….  Clearly, if all forecasts are accurate (and they have been consistent for a while on this warning) before we get to that stage, the temperatures are going to plummet and it is going to be very, very cold.  Please ensure that your children are properly dressed and prepared for the winter weather with named hats, coats, gloves etc. so that they are able to learn properly and be protected from the elements during breaktime and lunchtime, as well as the walk into school.  If it does indeed snow, we will almost certainly want to capitalise on such a rare event and take the children outside, so they need to have the right equipment, please!

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