Lunchtime Fire Drill

Date: 27th February 2018

By: Mr Brown

Category: Achievement, Community, Independence, Safeguarding, Safety, Teamwork, Whole school

Before half term we had an important and challenging task to complete – a lunchtime fire drill!  We practise our routines for evacuating the building in the event that the fire alarm goes off at least once every half term because this is such an important part of keeping everybody safe, but we have been aware that the school is a very different place during lunchtime, breaktime or golden time.  Everyone is in a different place and we are not all being supervised by the adults who teach us.  As a result, it was really important that we put in place a plan to make sure everyone knew what to do if the alarm ever actually went off during these times, and after quite a bit of planning and adjustment of some of our plans, we had our first, arranged, fire drill during the lunchtime.

It should come as no surprise that the children and adults were all absolutely amazing – everyone behaved brilliantly and we all evacuated in good time to make sure we were safe.  Mr Payne also ‘hid’ a couple of children in the building (supervised by an adult, of course!) to see whether our systems would identify that not all children were present in their lines – their absence was identified straight away and reported.

There are always things we can learn from drills which is why we do them, but all in all this was a fantastic success and one that will help us all to be safer and more ready to make the right choices if we are ever put into this situation for real.  Well done everyone!!

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