School is Open

Date: 1st March 2018

By: Mr Brown

Category: Celebration, Community, News, Parents, Whole school

Dear Parents,

What a day to be a child in Bournemouth!! (and an adult, tbh) . We have assessed the risk on site and feel that there is no significant reason currently why we cannot open the school for the day – we are open for business! Please just take additional care moving around the site because, well, obvious really.

Probably our planned curriculum learning is going to be chucked right out of the window and we will be doing all we can to capitalise on the weather conditions for some real life experiences etc, so please ensure your children are wrapped up warm and cosy with suitable footwear, gloves etc. If you want to bring in a pair of boots then no-one’s going to object. Again, for obvious reasons, you may not feel it a suitable idea to come dressed in your World Book Day costume and on this occasion we would understand if you chose the thermals instead – we’ll still celebrate books, but maybe not in flimsy costumes.

We can’t foretell the future so we will continue to review the situation during the day, and if you feel the trip into school is too tricky for you then your safety and that of your child comes first and you need to make the decision that is right for you. Please continue to check the school’s FB page for updates throughout the day (you don’t have to be a FB member to do so but for the moment – come on then snow, let’s be having you!!

Many thanks,

Mr Payne


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