Carnival Chaos!

Date: 5th March 2018

By: Mrs Price

Category: Drama, Outdoor learning, Questioning, Teamwork, Visitor, Year 3

Year Three had an amazing start to their Carnival of the Animals Project. We led the children out onto the lower playground where they began looking for the strange evidence which had been left around. Year Three got busy searching and trying to figure out how the evidence got there and who may have left it. They found; fur, coloured feathers, hay, fish food, eggs, a nest, bunting and ripped up carnival signs. The bright-eyed Year Threes soon inferred that animals had been let loose onto our playground. To find out more information, they turned to the unique looking visitor on the playground…

Whilst searching for evidence, Year Three found a bemused looking man , searching for his missing animals. Year Three soon learnt that his name is Carl Ivan who is a Carnival coordinator. He told the children that Mr Mischief (a mischievous monkey) had stolen his keys and let all of his animals out of the cages. Devastatingly, this means that he can no longer perform his carnival. Year Three (being the kind and caring children that they are) promised to help Mr Ivan in any way they could. They have decided to put on their own carnival for Mr Ivan including singing, dancing, music and drama.

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