World book day birthday bonus!

Date: 6th March 2018

By: Mr Brown

Category: Celebration, Community, Kindness, Parents, Phonics, Reading, Teamwork, Whole school

This post was due to be shared with everyone on last week’s World Book Day, however for reasons that may have something to do with snow and Hooke Court our attention was diverted and so we celebrate the news now.  During half term, three members of Reception class had a joint birthday party.  Inspired by our recently enhanced library, they decided to ask all the party guests attending to buy and donate one of their favourite reading books to the school library instead of giving presents.  At the beginning of the week they arrived loaded with heavy bags and a letter:

What a wonderful and kind donation to make – we are now having some stickers made up that record that these books were kindly donated on the occasion of Ime, Bailey and Arthur’s 5th birthday party and so for years to come children will be able to share in the celebration.

Obviously it’s not for any of us to tell the children what to ask for on their birthdays, however we will always be grateful to these three for their kindness and thought for others and would encourage everyone else to consider this fantastic idea as a way of doing something really special for the community while celebrating your birthday.  Any books donated in this way will, of course, have their own special stickers created so that the moment can be marked forever in the front of each book.


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